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Did we, as tax paying citizens, support any other party, or did we officially stop at the Nazis? Did the US government give any money to the Canadian parties? I did not vote for this. I will never support this. This contribution is illegal.

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I think Laureen and Laura will understand and appreciate this.

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Failing report card in strong language, but correct.

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Oh yeah.

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Curious how much Harper made during this period and where he is banking it. Perhaps with KPMG and CPA. "Files show KPMG, CPA Canada and another firm met with Harper, his chief of staff Ray Novak and two other aides, though the Prime Minister's Office won't say what was discussed except to say it was a routine stakeholder meeting."

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Our nation is recognised by Big Brothe....Google....

I is a good start. Hopefully this gesture will help stop what is now going on in Africa against Gay people as well.

Funny but they do not mention Beer (or winw or any alcohol)! What? You never heard of a barley sandwich for lunch?

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