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Watch out for fake cards getting issued in your name. The company verifying them, Transunion, #transunion is corrupted!

I just tried to get an AMAZON credit card for cheaper shipping. They tried to verify using TRANSUNION.COM. The answers to the verification questions of previous addresses were all wrong. We were allowed to try twice to verify. The second regeneration questions were also all wrong.

I then called Transunion. Once I was verified, I was allowed to check the addresses that they had. Of the 7 addresses they had, one was a work address, but...Read more

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SAMSUNG Galaxy G5! Crappiest quality of phone I have ever had. Because of the contract, I am now starting on the 5th replacement set of the same model within 2 years. Service response from SAMSUNG is just pathetic and even had the last service tech say my phone was bent. I was so mad I put it on the counter in from of him and showed him that it wasn't. Then he had the audacity to make up new lies. Same tech that said the 2nd phone was not bent when I could show him how the glass and frame did not line up. NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN.

BTW. If y...Read more

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Good morning God. What is happening today?

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Just bought his whole collected works. Still have to read THE TWITS.

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New house pet. All legs.

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And now for something completely different. ....

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Perfect timing for Hallowe'en...free!

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"...a study from 2013 (cited by the Ghost in the Shell petitioners), which showed that only 4.4 percent of all speaking roles in top-grossing Hollywood films go to Asian people—a number even more dire than the mere 10.5 percent of lead Hollywood roles that go to minority actors in general." Perhaps Hollywood productiins should expect "ethnic" actors to audition for every role offered from all castings in white - face to even the playing field.

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This is why we don't live downtown.

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