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The trailer to Dr. Z's film upcoming film that I worked camera on last year. I even played a small part as a... https://t.co/MRhSJvl23G

At the Third Culture Film Festival. Thanks @lollicomics for the pic! :)

I've started taking protein supplements. A sales lady with a table at a parents conference told me I'm probably not getting enough protein in my diet and said I could put this powder in almost anything.

Yesterday I used some strawberry flavor protein in my Cheerios and some chocolate flavor in a hot chocolate with espresso.

Today I went for strawberry flavor milk with espresso.

Curious to experiment further with what else I can add this protein powder. Maybe protein pancakes or protein bacon and eggs smoothie?

Yesterday I went to the Third Culture Film Festival, checked out their sound and visual program. Great seeing Harry, Faiyaz, and Lillian there. Thanks to Harry Oram for the picture!

Today I got the most exercise I've had in weeks. Ran full speed to catch the ferry, twice. Haha 😂

Went to the Third Culture Film Festival today. One more day of screenings for anyone in Hong Kong. Check it out.

@brianschatz @lamplighterjv That being said, Jeff Sessions is from Alabama and everyone knows God created Alabama s… https://t.co/PUDdm0BZHy

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Spent most of the day cleaning up my office. So much junk in there it's been getting hard to walk around. Equipment boxes, old costumes, script drafts, old magazines, out dated fliers, etc etc. Still more to go through tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!


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Hong Kong
October 5, 2009