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RT @crazyfromkong: Before kids started eating Tide Pods, Crazy From Kong tried out Pila Washing Up Powder Candy!... https://t.co/Yyy8EkdQel

Re-released the original Teaser Trailer for Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 online. This was the version we launched while... https://t.co/kLlj8efuga

Original Teaser Trailer (Thriller version) for Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 https://t.co/XYcLm5kDf8

I'd love to do a Hong Kong based remake of "Running Scared" (the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal one). Michael McDonald soundtrack is a must.

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RT @brucelee: This. Is. Awesome. Shout out to Patrick Nan for creating this. Be sure to check out Patrick’s YouTube page. #BruceLee #Jedi h…

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RT @SilverSpleenHK: Sam is a very funny, very good reviewer. He and I did the GREAT WALL review/discussion. Please subscribe to him i... ht…

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65 new subscribers since I posted this message about my YouTube channel. Thanks for the support so far! Please... https://t.co/l2mjgOqLo2

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I'm really happy with the burst of support I've been getting after my call to action. Friends are subbing to... https://t.co/OBOcGEwunm

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RT @RyanAbe: Youtube is now punishing new/smaller creators in response to the logan paul incident. I had a feeling this would happen and ot…

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RT @zhousaid: Maintenant faut minimum 1000 abonnes pour etre monetise sur youtube et 4000 heures de vue en moins d'un an... https://t.co/As…

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong


Hong Kong
October 5, 2009