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I got interviewed for themightydragon.blog about filmmaking and making the move to Hong Kong. Thanks so much to @victoria_thomas72 for the interview. . . .

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This is what happens when you keep a bottle of Coca Cola around too long. I tried to keep this one as a little collectible since it says "Chok王". So much for that. Gonna have to chuck it now. . . .

coke #cocacola #cokebottle #chok #collectible #limitededition #cokelimitededition #Chok王

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Zombies man... they kind of freak me out. A shot from Noriko: The Hong Kong Dead, a concept trailer we did a while back. Hope we get to develop the feature version one day. ? ? ?

noriko #thehongkongdead #zombiemovie #actorslife #nightofthelivingdead #indiefilm

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Thanks to @hyperobot for snapping this pic while giving me a crash course in how to techno. Now I'm off to a good start. Next need to practice getting those dope beats.

techno #novationcircuit

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About to brave the monsoon for lunch.


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Ferry ride at night. Learned a lot today about how to start putting together tracks. Still have a lot to learn, but gonna make a real go of getting back into music. It's my first love and I never gave it the right attention my first go around. This year has been and will be a big year of transition. I spent a lot of time thinking I was hustling, but really just spinning wheels. Realised, not long ago, that it's time to go back to square one and re-evaluate everything, my priorities, my passion, my outlet. I think I'm getting there. #reflections #refle...Read more

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Me compared to most of my Instagran feed. Haha

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I should have done this years ago, but I finally had a website and logo designed for my film work. www.fiorellofilms.com . . .

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Can’t sleep! Too addicted to techno. #novationcircuit #techno

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So my buddy @hyperobot has inspired me to get back into making music, something I haven't done in years. Here's the first thing I've put together on this little gadget. It's absolutely shit, but it's a start. I put it up here so I can look back at after I've done something better to show you. Now I just need to figure out my eventual EDM Artist name. I'm torn between Cyborg Joe or Joe Electrik. Roland Emmerbot is also a possibility. #novationcircuit #edm #notquitetechno

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong

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