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More songs uploaded

That's right... I've been going through the vault of my old musical creations to fill up my playlist here on AnD.  I just uploaded a few more tracks.  Check them out and let me know what you think?  Should I make more music or should I stick with my filmmaking day job. 

Also, feel free to let me know if you think I should just give up filmmaking and go back to my old day job as an accountant, but don't be surprised if you get a snarky comment back. hehe  ; )

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It's official! I'm Official!

That's right... I've just been deemed an AlivenotDead.com "Official Artist."  You can now see me as a newly addition addition to the artists searches under Director, Screenwriter, and Film/TV Editor.  As part of the new goodness that I receive, I've been given the power to put up a playlist on my profile with various video triumphs from my career thus far. 

For those too lazy to search through youtube, feel free to just play on my playlist and sit back for a half hour or so to enjoy.  Word!...Read more

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Tekken Too Far

Checking out CB Fresh's brilliant masterpiece "Wall Street Fighter 4" has inspired me to dig a little something out of the vault from back in the very beginnings of my film career.  Here is the classic, Tekken Too Far for all those in AnD land.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQaVgsKMXWs

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New Trailer for "The Jackson 5... Million" available

My homegirl Caroline Ledgin from Inquiring Minds Pictures has released a new trailer for her long awaited documentary in the works "The Jackson 5... Million," co-produced and assistant edited by yours truly. 

Originally shot during the last Michael Jackson trial, the doc focuses on the lives of Michael Jackson's fans.  She's been doing some follow up with the fans in the wake of MJ's recent death and is hoping to have it ready for release soon.  Stay tuned.

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Touched base with Most Epic HQ

Spoke to El Andre Producer Supremo to give a rundown of progress here on the international front and to start figuring out ins and outs for getting the "My Stuffed Animal is a Monster" DVD and T-shirts ready for sale via internet.  So we should have something up soon. 

Will keep you all updated... Just in case you forgot or never knew what the Sammy t-shirt looks like...

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Alice Amu - More Live Concert - Last Night

Wassup homies.  Went to check out the Alice Amu concert last night at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena.  Twas a cool show and an entertaining Sunday night out.  Big ups to Beat Trix for their dancing skills provided during about 3 or 4 Alice Amu tracks.  And many thanks to my homegirl Peapops for hooking me up with a ticket, 1st row on the balcony overlooking the stage.  Word!

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Speak Up! last night.

Went to my first Speak Up! event.  Got word they hold these every so often.  Cool event to mingle with HK's artist community.  A few Heineken's and a free mystery drink have somewhat clouded my memory of events.  Luckily I took some pics and got some business cards to jog my memory.  A big thanks to Pea for showing me the way to the place, otherwise I might have made it to Causeway Bay before realizing I took a wrong turn past Albuquerque.

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"The House Chilling"

Now that I'm more settled into my new home town (HK Represent!), I'm getting back to work on new and old projects.  Up first, "The Housing Chilling."  My newest short film and latest collaboration with my Oaktown homegirl, Yvie Raij

The cast and crew is itching to check out how it turns out.  And I'm itching to show you all the story of the late Frankie McGreevy and poor Housewarming party guests that find... there's no st...Read more

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"Wake up Wake Up" by Me Talk Pretty

We've been getting mad hits on our video of Me Talk Pretty doing their song "Wake Up Wake Up" live in NYC.  This song got in the soundtrack of NHL 2010 the video game and now their on tour after winning an MTV VMA for Best Breakout artist NYC.

Directed the entire live show video on a shoestring budget with a 4 camera setup.  Pretty proud of this one.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VKQF9IeAZc

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My Stuffed Animal is a Monster - Official Trailer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD4VHWBqnRM

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