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48 Hour Film Contest - Our film is finito!

That's right people!  After 48 Hours of insanity, we at long last had a finished film that we, the U-Dogs!, we're proud to submit to be shown along with the 13 other groups that were competing.  Unfortunately it was another hour before we would end up actually submitting our film, due to technical difficulties. 

So we're not in the competition, but our new film will still screen with the others this Friday.  If you haven't picked up tix yet, run... don't walk to your nearest wi-fi spot t...Read more

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Some friends of ours in need of help with their new feature films

Our friends at Low Budget Pictures (straight outta Rochester, NY) have put out an all points call for help funding 3 feature films that they are shooting back to back.  For those that don't know about Low Budget Pictures or their fearless and infamous leader, Chris Seaver, they specialize in ultra budget b-movies, often spoofing other big name films. 

Over the last 19+ years they have built up a catalog of films that include classics like:

Ski Wolf(A spoof of both Ski Sc...Read more

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Bought my first CD in Hong Kong

Decided to take a random walk to nowhere in particular, after spending all day at the editing station.  Took this artsy shot of the HSBC building on my phone...

Then I found myself stumbling into an HMV.  I figure, "Cool, I can check out some of the local music and movie scene on DVD and CD."

After wandering through a couple aisles of Korean pop, Dance mu...Read more

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48 Hour Film Project... U-Dogs represent!

So Hong Kong's 1st ever 48 Hour Film project is coming up.  I'm excited to have arrived here in the nick of time to join in.  Always wanted to do this and never managed to be able to back in New York, for various reasons.

For all my fans out there that are unfamiliar with the project, you get a team together and at the start of the contest, you randomly are given a genre, and a prop, character, and line of dialogue that must be written into the script of the film.  Then you have 48 hours to write, sho...Read more

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Clip from the rough cut of "The Housechilling"

Word people!  So I've decided to grant the world of Alivenotdead a gift... that gift is I am posting up a clip from the rough cut of my newest film "The Housechilling."  This is the first minute and a half of the film.  Now I warn you, it's still very much a rough cut.  The sound mix is still in need of a lot of work and there's other touch ups and fix ups I need to do, but I wanted to give all the fans a little taste of what's to come.

Video: Read more

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Pictures from our World Premiere in NYC

Check it out... Pics from the World Premiere of "My Stuffed Animal is a Monster" in New York City.  We screened my masterpiece on 9/25/09 right before hopping on the plane to move here to Hong Kong. 

These pics were generously taken and donated by the lovely Jennifer Adler.  Enjoy!

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Acting Class and Housechilling update

Big update is yesterday I decided to go check out the acting workshop held by the HK Theatre Association and lead by esteemed actresses Kate Sullivan and Emilie Guillot.  Had a blast and now I know how I'll be spending many of my Monday evenings going forward.

Jumped at the opp to take such as class, being that I have been finding myself a bit out of the loop with the lingo sometimes when working with my actors.  As Amanda, Sara, Kate, Mark, Ben, Matt or any other of the trained players can probably attest to...Read more

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Disneyland Hong Kong!

Took a little trip to Disneyland here in Hong Kong a week or so back.  Here's some pics from our trip.  It's nice having an amusement park so close by, as opposed to NY where you have to go all the way to Middle of Nowhere, NJ to get your roller coaster fix at the Six Flags Great Adventure.

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ESPRIT Flagship store opening

So we actually missed all the partying and celebration.  Got held up and finally arrived at the store 10 minutes after all the performances were done and everyone wrapped up.  But we still hung around to check out the store.  I ended up picking up a piece of apparel that I've been wanting to get for a while.  One of those casual blazers with a fake sweater thing zippered up inside. I decided to hold a bit of an impromptu photo shoot to show off some of my haute couture moves.

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My editing workstation

That's right, here's an exclusive where I make the magic happen.  And this is how I roll when editing masterpieces... 2 macs and a big, lazy cat.

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