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@ M1NT's 3rd Anniversary Party

Just taking a break from writing a new, soon to be named and shot script.  It's all very hush hush for now so I won't put a hex on it by telling you anything.

But, wanted to give the lowdown on what went down last Friday night.  The night started off like most others, hanging with Spencer, Arne and Ke...Read more

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I'm in Sky Magazine!

That's right.  Two pages dedicated to your favorite Italian-American filmmaker who's not named Quentin or Martin. 

Sky Magazine @ AlivenotDead

I picked up a whole backpack full of copies from Sk...Read more

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On the Set of "Jasmine"

This past Wednesday, I official became a part of the creative process of Dax Phelan's feature film "Jasmine," as an extra.  They were shooting a club/lounge scene and needed some people to come and provide some background action.  Naturally, I couldn't resist another opportunity to play "Guy who flirts with girls in a club."

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Went for a Drink, Found Myself on the set of "Jasmine"

If there's one film in the making that everyone who's anyone in the Hong Kong film industry that I know of, it's Dax Phelan's "Jasmine," starring Jason Tobin.  So it was a nice surprise last week that, while having a drink with my homie Michael Chan, we inadvertently ended up on the set of this very film.

While chilling at Bit Point in Lan Kwai Fong, Michael looks over my shoulder and notic...Read more

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The Greatest Song Ever Written!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with El Chombo's masterpiece "Macarron Chacarron," please be assured that this is indeed the greatest song ever written.  Don't believe me?  Check it out for yourself. 

If you're having a hard time understanding the lyrics, don't be too concerned.  Even El Chombo doesn't know what he's saying in the song.  hahaha

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED_pU2oDnug

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Chilling in Lan Kwai Fong

Hung out with some of the homies in Lan Kwai Fong on Friday.  I remember that in attendance were Spencer Douglass, Arne Venema, Michael Chan, and Mike's friend from Toronto Justin.  What's funny is that I don't really remember taking these pictures, except for one of them. 

I distinctly remember ask...Read more

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Village on the Hill Carnival & Karaoke at Alabar

This past Sunday, I hung out with my homegirl Sophia Shek, Film and Commerical producer supreme! 

Due to our lack of deep and filled pockets, we decided to opt out of heading to Clockenflap and instead go with Plan B. 

So we hit up the Village on the Hill, Soho Wine and Dine Carn...Read more

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48 Hour Film Screening, Afterparty, and Aftermath!

So it took me a little while to finally recover from Friday Night's 48 Hour Film Screening and afterparty enough to blog about it.  So here is how it all went down!

I met with my crew at Chinese University to head on down to the screening together.  I decided that I needed to look as Pimp as possible.  So I wore my Chinatown gangsta shirt and my Steve McQueen badass leather jacket.

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Speak Up last night!

Had a blast at my second attending of the monthly Speak Up! event.  I got to M1NT with a couple of drinks in me already, from hanging with at Fringe Club with Jackie Chow, Ivy, Spencer, Jackie Wong, David Lau (the most hardcore Irish rapper since House of Pain) and a whole bunch of 48 Hour Project participants.  So when I had a couple of more drinks at Speak Up!, it inspired me to actually "Speak Up." 

I got up on stage and gave a rendition of the classic Spanish song "Besame Mucho" that I suspect will ensure...Read more

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Behind the scenes pics... "King of Bullshit" our 48 Hour Film Project

As promised!  Here they are!  I've posted pics from behind the scenes of our 48 Hour Film Project shoot....

Here are a selection of pics

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