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"Angel's Contract" production and publicity photos

Now that I'm a bit settled in on my triumphant return to the U.S. wanted to give you some updates.... of stuff from Hong Kong.  Nothing much to report on my activities stateside, other than I've been heavily fed by both my parents and mother-in-law.

So for those who haven't seen these already on other people's sites, here are some initial publicity shots, draft posters, and behind the scenes production photos from the film I was just working on " Read more

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Joe Fiorello.... wushu master?

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Some cool pics care of others...

Settled in my parent's place in NY and so far spent much of my first day in NY trying to get over my jetlag.  While that's going on though, I figured why not show you some pics of me tagged on other sites?  So here they are....  Enjoy!

GROUNDED Hip Hop showcase 12/12/09... pics by Elden Cheung

Read more

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I Have Returned.... New York, NY

That's right people, I've come back home for the holidays.  I'm in New York until mid January.  Hopefully it won't take until then to get over the jetlag.... must.... stay... awake.... until night time..... zzzzz.

So it will be a little bit of time before I'm back updating you on my continuing adventures in the mystical land of Hong Kong..... so until then, I will be sure to try to come up with blog worthy adventures in the mystical land of New York, NY city of dreams.  Woohoo!

Also, anothe...Read more

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Most Epic Christmas Special!

It's that time of year again!  That time of winter holiday cheer!  And what better way to celebrate the holidays than by sitting back with your family and friends and watching the MOST EPIC TV HOLIDAY SPECIAL! 

Relive your favorite holiday memories as Joe, Pat S.P., Andre, Kel, and John bring you Christmas cheer in Part 1 and 2 of our Most Epic Holiday Special.  Part 3 should be done any day now, we promise.  ; )

Most Epic Holiday Special - Part 1 Video: Read more

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GROUNDED @ Philia Lounge

So I finally got to check out GROUNDED for the first time.  It's a Hip Hop showcase organized by E.V.E.N.T.  It's held every month in Hong Kong, so it's you're down with "Proper" Hip Hop... I'm talking about old school classics with real MCing and none of that "made for ring tones" stuff that's been coming out as of late, check out the next one.

That being said, I showed up at Philia Lounge fashionably late, about 2 ho...Read more

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Fire makes for a Rude Awakening

My attempt to sleep in late today was violently disturbed by a loud alarm ringing like crazy outside my apartment.  Discombobulated, I struggled to make sense of the situation for a a few seconds until finally my well trained instinct, honed from hundreds of fire drills performed back through my school days, finally kicked in......... "HOLY SHIT THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE!"  was my very next thought.

I sprang out of bed and threw on some clothes, since running down the stairways dressed like an Emporio Armani un...Read more

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Inspiration hits!

Hey, many thanks to all the well wishes I've received during my whole ordeal with the flu.  I'm happy to report that I am at long last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and have finally woken up without having a 3 minute long coughing fit for once.  Woohoo!

The even better news, is that if there is one thing I like about catching a bought of terrible sickness, it's about the only thing that makes me miserable enough to get inspired to write some new music.  The best part is that I will used this new material to j...Read more

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The Flu Saga continues...

So I'm still laid out with the flu.  I'm trying to make my time stuck at home productive though.  I got my guitar to plug into my computer and wrote a couple of songs in between coughing fits and being passed out in a pool of my own sweat.  Luckily the meds the doc gave me have been doing a good job of holding my symptoms in check for periods of time. 

Thus, I've decided that I might just be well enough to actually make at least event this week, since I had opted out of going to the "Jasmine" warp part...Read more

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So many things to Update, So little Strength

What a busy week or so!  Lots of new things to update you all on.  Just got done working on Lawrence Gray's new short film.  Plus there's been a Thanksgiving party, friends from out of town, HK opening of Quentin Lee's new flic, hyginx in acting class, etc. 

Problem is that through it all I've been trying to kick a stomach flu, so by the time I get home I lacks the strength to blog about it.  So I hope to give you all a full rundown as soon as I get back on my feet. 

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