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Little Clip of Alice Amu performing @ Queen Elizabeth Stadium

I was going through some old files on my computer and came across this little video clip that I totally forgot I had taken.  It's a little 35 second video of Alice Amu's performance at the More Live Concert back in Oct 2009. 

I blogged about it back then (see Alice Amu More Live Concert blog...Read more

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Back in the... Hong Kong!

Sorry it's been a while since my last update.  Just got back to Hong Kong from a little week long vacation in Cambodia.   Unfortunately I was surprised to find that I had zero internet access on my (usually) handy little hand-held device, so I have a lot of getting back to people to do.  Plus I took more pictures than I bothered to count yet while on my romantic little getaway there, so I'm sure I'll post some of them in the relatively near future. 

Plus I'll have some other updates.... well one other update...Read more

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Me Talk Pretty's debut album "We Are Strangers" coming this Spring

Last year, I spent some time working with a really cool rock band called Me Talk Pretty.

I filmed a couple of their live shows and edited together promo videos for them.  These videos helped them successfully sig...Read more

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A Day of Japanese Pop Culture in Mong Kok

If you're familiar with the Crazy From Kong reviews (starring Spencer Douglass and Arne Venema), you've probably checked out their review of Limited Edition, Final Fantasy XIII Elixir.

I was inspired to get myself a bit of this Elixir as well, so Arne took me on a trip to Mong Kok (my first visit to the famed district, infamous for it's cheap DVD's, low priced electronics, and gangster strongholds).  He took me to a mall...Read more

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Props to the homies... Scary Stud of the Year, musical collaborations, etc.

A little news from some of my homies back in NYC...

Billy Garberina: Scary Stud of the Year 2009

That's right, my friend Billy Garberina, writer/director/star of Necroville, just got voted

Pretty-scary.net's Scary Stu...Read more

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Oscar Nominees are in!

The Oscar Nominees are in... and no real surprises I don't think.  The nominee list reads basically like the Entertainment Weekly picks made like a month ago.  That being said, mad props to Tarantino and my pick for Best Picture "Inglorious Basterds."

Check out oscar.com for the rest of the nominees.

Also with that, I'd like to take time to give a shout out to the greatest opening number in Academy Award show history.  Hugh Jackman shows that an award...Read more

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"The Arrangement" new short film with yours truly in the cast!

Newly posted online, a new short film that I acted in.

The Arrangement Three friends go out on the town in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong... until one of them gets a call from his Mom saying that he's arranged to get married in 2 days. Now Rakesh is set to hook up with the first girl he can and have himself one night stand. Little does he know there's more to the girl he picks up than he knows.

Video: Read more

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SAMMY MERCH! from my film "My Stuffed Animal is a Monster"

Check it out... put up an article about the merch we put together so far for my film My Stuffed Animal is a Monster.

Peep Our Merch http://www.alivenotdead.com/mystuffedanimal/Peep-our-merch--profile-899463.html

Check out the Official My Stuffed Animal is a Monster AnD page for the f...Read more

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More fun with Headshots

Here's a little bit of quickie entry for today.  I took a few full body pics when taking my headshots last week.  Decided to put a few of them together into an animated gif file.  Enjoy!

Now back to trying to write my masterpiece.  ; )

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My New Headshots... well, not these really

In my continuing, recent attempts to firmly establish myself as a respected actor in Hong Kong, I decided that I'll need to get some proper headshots.  So last week, I went to one of the best in the business, Elden Cheung, a true legend and photographer at most any Alivenotdead related event.  The whole shoot was organized as part of a package by the lovely Kate Sullivan ...Read more

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