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Check out the Michael Wong Big Band Concert in Macau!!!

Hey folks!  I know I'm way behind on blogging as you're all dying to know all the inside story of all the happens of the past week... Planet Battle V, Barbara Wong's Racks Party, HKIFF Award's Party, Rugby Sevens, etc. 

But first, I want to pass on the word on this event that I will be attending and that I promised Patrick (aka Rottendoubt) I'd get the word out on....

Michael Wong Big Band

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Next Gen, FilmArt, and after parties! What a week!

WOW!  What a week!  Hong Kong International Film Festival, FilmArt film market, parties, after parties, after after parties, networking, card giving and taking, etc.  So much has gone on since my last blog that I'm having a hard time keeping up with writing blogs about it all. 

The Hollywood Reporter Next Gen Asia Awards Ceremony@ The W Hotel

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Ninja Chips!!! a response to the Crazy From Kong review.

For those familiar with Crazy from Kong (local food and snack reviews starring Arne & Spencer) probably know that I've occasionally independently worked alongside them to come up with some momentous responses to their reviews.  This latest one is probably the most epic and glorious yet...Read more

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Lynette... part 3 of the short film

The long awaited release of Part 3 of my short film "Lynette" is here!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObFbB8b9OA0 In this episode: Lynette brings her latest target, Ricardo, back to her "Chamber of Love." Leave it to Lynette to ignore The Boss' orders. He said to do it "nice, quick and clean" and with "no fooling around." But Lynette is going to make long and dirty with lots of fooling...Read more

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Dai Fu Lou and Jona's going away party!

Thanks to all who have been giving props and support to our homeboy Chung Dha / Jona Lam in his return back to the Netherlands.

We've received word that he has landed in one piece and wishes he was back in Hong Kong again.  On that note, I'd like to share some pics and video from Jona&...Read more

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"Angel's Contract" news and more pics + new vintage music

All of Hong Kong is sad to see Chung Dha / Jona Lam leave for the Netherlands.  But while he is gone abroad, his legacy continues in Hong Kong.  Part of the reason is that, before he left, he entrusted me with the files, footage, and continued post-production for his short film Angel's Contract starring Read more

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Lynette... part 2 of the short film

As promised I've released the second part of this vintage short film of mine on youtube. 

In this episode Lynette goes back to HQ to pick up her new assignment from The Boss. Still having deep feelings for Ralphie, who lies dead back at her apartment, she considers her ability to fall in love with anyone else, let alone her unfashionable new target.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpBAz4NVrvk

Production Note:

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Big Ass Booties... Remix! Emcee Hao featuring Joe Fiorello

Anyone who has heard fellow AnD artist Emcee Hao's hip hop anthem "Big Ass Booties" already knows that it's perhaps one of the greatest songs ever recorded, ever. 

So upon hearing this classic, I got inspired to do what some other brave souls have tried as well...Read more

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Lynette.... long awaited short film (mini-series) by Joe Fiorello

The wait is over!  Long has this film has been lying in the depths of the Most Epic Triumph Films vault.  Lynette... a work of art by Joe Fiorello. 

Now at long last I've decided to release it to the world... in pieces.  I've uploaded Part 1 on youtube and every couple of days I will release another part until it's all there. 

Check it out!  Pass on the word!

Video: http://www.youtube.c...Read more

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Okuda Sugarless Kin-En No Smoking Candy!!!

After the warm reception of my video response to Crazy From Kong's review of Final Fantasy Elixir, the guys figured we could simultaneously review a product and see what we come up with individually.  They sent me over a back of "Okuda Sugarless Kin-En No Smoking Candy" imported to Hong Kong from Japan.Read more

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