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Is blogging from the Snap! concert in Macau but can't write a proper blog on his iPhone so here's a long subject line instead. ; )


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Argh! So behind in blogging... battle for music supremacy in my head!

I feel I've been neglecting my blog and, more importantly, my fans for a while.  The cool thing is much of my absence on AnD has been due to me being busy working on some really cool, new projects.  Don't worry I will give you the heads up on the projects in due time. 

For now I just wanted to throw out a quick hello, as I recover from yet another all night party marathon (sorry, didn't take any pics).  One thing about the deliriousness caused by a hangover is that yo...Read more

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"BlackBox" - Production Day One... Part 1

Continued from "BlackBox" - Rehearsal

The time had come for principal photography to begin on "BlackBox" a short film by Prisken Lo.  I got invited to set by my homegirl, newly officiated AnD Artist Read more

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"Sins of Hong Kong" Gallery Opening and My Chinese Language Media debut

Last week was a week of momentous occasions.  One of them being the opening of Andrew Lin's "Sins of Hong Kong" exhibit at the Schoeni Art Gallery.  The other being that I at long last crossed over to the promised land of mobile phone utopia and purchased an iphone.

Why I mention both these moment occasions in the same blog is because it was at Andrew Lin's opening that I decided to test out my iphone's camera for the first time, leaving behind my ...Read more

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A fun week, but also a tragic week....

The last week or so has been a week with lots of cool parties and lots of fun that has been had (and blogged about).  But I did want to take some time to speak out about a tremendous recent tragedy that I'm sure shocked and saddened you all as much as it did I.

The tragedy I speak of, of course, is the recent passing of Peter Steele, lead singer and bass player of Type O Negative.

Read more

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Michael Wong Big Band... Concert and Afterparty

So just came back from Macau where I got the chance to do a long needed, romantic getaway with my wife.  The centerpiece of the romantic getaway being the much anticipated and heavily advertised on AnD Michael Wong Big Band: A Legend Reborn concert at the Sands Macau.

For me, it was a nice reason to get dressed all snazzy and hang with some cool peeps while listening to cool ja...Read more

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"BlackBox" - Rehearsal

As some of you might know, I helped out my friend Sophia Shek a bit behind the scenes of a short film she's producing called "BlackBox."  As part of the promotional team, I will be putting up a series of blogs giving you some behind the scenes info and pics on the production.

My involvement started with being invited to tag along with Sophia to a dance rehearsal for the film.  That took place deep in Kowloon at the old Sam Po Films headquart...Read more

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Dropping Mad Mathematics... the unreleased street mixtape

I've been getting a good amount of interest and props lately for my recent musical forays.  People have been digging that draft remix of "Big Ass Booties" I put up as well as renewed interest in my hip hop track from a couple of years ago "You Can Hide, But..."

With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to introduce you all to a bit more history of my dabbling into hip hop music territory.  You see, while I've never really made a name for myself in rap, I've bee...Read more

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Happy Easter everyone!

May your day of remembrance of the resurrection of our Lord and savior be filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmellow treats! 

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Barbara Wong's Party at Racks for her film "Break Up Club"

The night actually started earlier in Causeway Bay, as I had attended a dinner/networking function held by Bey Logan.  There I met and talked shop with a lot of cool local and visiting filmmakers and industry people.  Big ups especially to Shuken and Herbert Chik, fellow HK based scree...Read more

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