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Went for a Drink, Found Myself on the set of "Jasmine"

If there's one film in the making that everyone who's anyone in the Hong Kong film industry that I know of, it's Dax Phelan's "Jasmine," starring Jason Tobin.  So it was a nice surprise last week that, while having a drink with my homie Michael Chan, we inadvertently ended up on the set of this very film.

While chilling at Bit Point in Lan Kwai Fong, Michael looks over my shoulder and notices someone walking around with a Red camera.  He says he might know that guy and we're off to investigate.  Sure enough, we walk outside and the whole crew of "Jasmine" is walking around right outside and there's a big equipment truck about 20 feet down the road.

After some introductions and conversation on the back of the truck...

I turn around and see Jason Tobin, star of the movie, getting ready to shoot a scene.

I dare not reveal any details (mostly because I know none), but it seemed like a very poignant and dramatic scene they were shooting...

Unfortunately, as our team found out first hand during our 48 Hour Film Project shoot, while shooting in LKF, there is no lack of drunken fools in the background who will wave around yelling "Hey!  I'm on TV!"

In the meantime, I was chilling and catching full view of the action.

In the end, it seemed like they got the shots they needed before it was time to move on and they were off to the next spot.  Right before they left, I got the chance to shake hands with the man himself, Jason Tobin.  Good job guys, looking forward to checking your flic.

And good eye to Michael Chan for spotting the whole goings on.

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Nice to see the film in action after long & much awaited buzz . Thanks for the sneak-peak. I was too quick to comment/ask question earlier since it's my rare break to catch some AnD updates!!! Hopefully, once I get to Beijing, will able breath & enjoy a nice, long-er AnD break...
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh ... awesome!! go jason!
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filming in HK is very cool!
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