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Village on the Hill Carnival & Karaoke at Alabar

This past Sunday, I hung out with my homegirl Sophia Shek, Film and Commerical producer supreme! 

Due to our lack of deep and filled pockets, we decided to opt out of heading to Clockenflap and instead go with Plan B. 

So we hit up the Village on the Hill, Soho Wine and Dine Carnival.

I got to hang with Fat Angelo himself.

And we got to give props to our homegirl Peapops who was making a killing with her bountiful selection of Flip Style merch.

After having a pint at the local pub and a kebab at the local kebab joint, we were off on the tram to Happy Valley... home of the racetrack. 

There, in Happy Valley, lies a karaoke place unlike any other.  One where celebrities often flock like the salmon of cappastrono.


However, that particular night, the only celebrities in attendance were Joe Fiorello and Sophia Shek.  In fact, we were basically the only people in attendance.

But no matter.  With the place to ourselves, we sang til our hearts content.

And thus went my first time singing karaoke in Hong Kong.  No triads, undercover shakedowns, chases up bamboo scaffolding, like I was lead to believe, but it was jolly good fun belting out a few tunes with a good friend. 

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Sounds like a fun time ! :) LOL you almost sound disappointed that there was no triads, undercover shakedowns, chases up bamboo scaffolding. :)
over 10 years ago
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over 10 years ago
Photo 496435
mmmmmm.... yum :D
over 10 years ago
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……Your life is full of sunshine~~
over 10 years ago
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Good...you tried the karaoke la...hahahaha
over 10 years ago


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