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The Night Chinatown NYC, once again, became Karaoke Capital of the World!!!

Karaoke... an art form respected and appreciated across all of Asia more than any other place in the world.  But on one particularly cold Thursday night in January, it was Chinatown, NYC that would once again hold the title of Karaoke Capital of the World.... for it was there that the karaoke master, Joe Fiorello, and the Shaolin monks of the West... UNITED.... AND ROCKED... THE MIC!

Indeed, it was my last night in NYC before hoping on the long flight back to HK... and what better way to spend a last night in New York, NY (city of dreams), but by rocking the karaoke mic with some of my NYC crew at one of our favorite joints? 

The destination was Yello Bar on Mulberry Street, in the heart of Chinatown, NYC. 

Some of you may remember this as the site of a grand night of drinking and debauchery back in August to celebrate my birthday.  On hand for this night in January was a selection of old NYU classmates, NYU co-workers, and other friends who braved the cold for my send off.  Together we wined, womened, and songed through the night.

Like all karaoke outings, the night started cool and calm.  Some catching up and chatting among friends, a few drinks to take off the edge...

Then a few lighthearted songs to get the evening going...

But also like all other karaoke outings, once Joe Fiorello gets on the mic, it doesn't take very long for the party to get off the hook and out of control!

If there is one thing of note at Yello Bar, besides some decent bar eats and friendly service, it's the packed song selection... one of the grander selections of songs I've seen in NYC.  Rock, rap, metal, chick stuff, classic rock, etc...  it's in there.  I remember us tackling a varied selection of tunes ranging from Eminem to Def Leppard to Wham to The Eagles to Backstreet Boys, etc... all kinds of stuff and we rocked the house indeed.

Another item of note is that Yello has basically two karaoke rooms:

  1. one big room where anyone can hang, drink, and sing

  2. a private room.

Since it was a Thursday, we figured that we would have the big general room all to ourselves to rock out in and for most of the night, we were right, but....

Dun dun DUN!  Late into the night, another party of karaokers entered the grand general room downstairs and suddenly the game was a foot.  The game of "which group can monopolize the karaoke selection enough to prevent having to pass the mic around."  A dastardly game indeed.  Would not be so bad a thing, except that the other crew opted for a song selection chock filled with show tunes and girlie music... argh!  How can I be expected to rock the f*ck out to Korn when I'm following up a song by.... honestly I was a bit too drunk by that point to remember what songs exactly they were picking, but I do remember their selection was killing our momentum    Argh!

See here, me nearly almost passed out but still ready to rock out... in the background are the lower bodies of two of the girls who had taken over the mics.

In the end though, we opted to call a truce after several bouts of strategic maneuvering to the karaoke machine.  They had selected "A Whole New World" and were missing a qualified male lead for the duet... so I stepped up to the mic.

And thus concluded my last night in New York.  So until the next time I'm in town, peace out NYC!

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Ya looking ~Hi2~^^
over 10 years ago
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That's y ppls like to get Drunk!!!
over 10 years ago
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Omg!!! Such a nice post ^^
over 10 years ago
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Yup evry1 peace~
over 10 years ago
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cool love to sing with u one day..
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