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Some friends of ours in need of help with their new feature films

Our friends at Low Budget Pictures (straight outta Rochester, NY) have put out an all points call for help funding 3 feature films that they are shooting back to back.  For those that don't know about Low Budget Pictures or their fearless and infamous leader, Chris Seaver, they specialize in ultra budget b-movies, often spoofing other big name films. 

Over the last 19+ years they have built up a catalog of films that include classics like:

Ski Wolf(A spoof of both Ski School and Teen Wolf)

The Quest for Egg Salad (A spoof of The Lord of the Rings)

Wet Heat(A spoof of Escape from New York)

and the Most Epic Triumph Films co-produced Taintlight (a Spoof of Twilight) and Teenape vs the Monster Nazi ApocalypseAlso, you can get more info on LBP at www.lowbudgetpictures.net or check out their trailers on their youtube site www.youtube.com/ultimatelbp.Now they are looking to accomplish the incredible feat of shooting three new feature films back-to-back-to-back ( Bonejack High, Filthy Mcnasty 4, and Mulva 3) .  I've worked with them in the past and can vouch that Chris leads a great group of players and crew.  His films are a lot of fun, for those who watch them in the right frame of mind, and right they are in desperate need of our help.

Right now, they are falling $800USD short of their fundraising goal to shoot these three films.  The Most Epic Triumph Films crew and I have helped out, financially, as much as we can but they are still in need of financial help to get these productions off the ground.

And help you can give them would be greatly appreciated.  And for anyone that is willing to help, the LBP crew has promised to credit, special notice in the DVD extras to anyone who donates to their cause.  Plus, depending on the size of the donation, they are willing to possibly give other freebies (i.e. a prop from the film, etc.)

Donations can be made via paypal at swanky_c@yahoo.com.

Help support independent filmmaking!

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Thanks to some generous donations, LBP is now down to only $525 USD within their goal! Thanks to all that contributed!
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