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On the Set of "Jasmine"

This past Wednesday, I official became a part of the creative process of Dax Phelan's feature film "Jasmine," as an extra.  They were shooting a club/lounge scene and needed some people to come and provide some background action.  Naturally, I couldn't resist another opportunity to play "Guy who flirts with girls in a club."

Once on set, I got the chance to station myself at at table with Jackie Chow and model turned actress Dominika Zybko.

Meanwhile, one of the stars of the film Byron Mann is chilling with two ladies, Wendy (another fellow extra) and Cara G.

In an ironic turn of events, I ended up getting asked to become an unofficial part of the lighting crew as opposed to a full out extra, per say.  Jackie and Dominika needed a little more glow to them so I was enlisted to hold a reflector to them.

Happy to help anyway I can.  Although, it did make it a bit challenging to try to eat something when Producer Jennifer Thym came around with some snacks in between takes. 

The rest of the crew was prepping some manner of handheld, tracking, over the shoulder shots of Jason Tobin.  I couldn't see well from my position so here's a few snapshots I took quick in between takes.

Fearless leader, Dax Phelan, discussing the shot with Guy Livneh (the DP), Jason, and the guy whom I'm convinced is the Assistant Director.

In the end, I did manage to get called to duty for a background part with a bit more camera time.  And indeed it was my bread and butter role "Guy Flirting with Girl in the Club" in the background right past Jason.  The Girl was played by Hiromi, makeup artist of the stars.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get picture evidence of that since we were scrambling to finish shooting before we got kicked out of the location.

I can assure you all that I tried to incorporate all I've learned so far from Kate Sullivan's acting workshops.  So hopefully I didn't ham it up too much.  ; ) 

Watch out for my cool cameo once "Jasmine" hits the theaters! 

More pics from set in my album!

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can't wait to check out the final product!
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