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Next Gen, FilmArt, and after parties! What a week!

WOW!  What a week!  Hong Kong International Film Festival, FilmArt film market, parties, after parties, after after parties, networking, card giving and taking, etc.  So much has gone on since my last blog that I'm having a hard time keeping up with writing blogs about it all. 

The Hollywood Reporter Next Gen Asia Awards Ceremony@ The W Hotel

Tuesday night I attended the Next Gen Asia Awards Ceremony which was held to honor 20 industry professionals under 35 talented enough to get this award.  I hope to be in consideration in the next couple of years, myself, but that's another story.

Simon Yin, Hong Kong's greatest MC, kicked things off proper....

And the award winners all came up to receive their awards.

Among them was Christine To who I got a chance to meet and talk a bit of screenwriter shop with.

Also at the party was an acquaintance I had met at ShellZ's b-day party a few months ago, a man known to many as Peter Panda.  Pretty soon into the party he took me to a table full of lovely ladies to introduce me.  I don't have any pictures with Peter in them, but I do have some pics of the lovely ladies...

The girl in the purple is Gwen, who is a freelance DJ who spins "Hip House."  The girl in the red is Yuka, who I suspect has Hong Kong's most hauntingly hypnotic eyes, and the girl in the black is her BFF Veane.  Both Yuka and Veane are business students who wish they weren't business students. I could relate.  I was in the same place 14... err... 2 years ago.

And of course there's pictures with the rest of the gang.

I said some manner of cheeky remark of how Gwen and Posha should pose for this pic.  Instead, I got this response.... which is exactly what I really wanted.

A good Director knows how to bring forth the human emotion he requires from his performers.  And sometimes it takes asking two girls to make out for the camera in order to get that believable reaction like one of them is going to slug you with her purse.  haha

But all was fine after...

Also, what party by The Hollywood Reporter could be possible without everyone's favorite THR staff member, Ivy Lam.

Then after the party at The W Hotel winded down, it was time to go off to the next shindig which was the Japan Party @ Red One on the IFC rooftop.

It was there that I final got to meet one of Hong Kong's most lovely actresses, Grace Huang, in person.

Grace joined in for one of my usual self taken group shots as well.

Also on hand for the party was Richard Trombly who in from Shanghai for the HKIFF.  We got to hang out an talk about his new project in the works that sounds mad cool.  I dare not give spoilers.

I also got to meet Kelly Cha, who was another award recipient of the night.

Now one thing of note is that while there was a DJ at the Japan party, there wasn't really anyone dancing.  I tried to change that.  At some point of me trying to convince other people to dance along with me, Kathy (who is a manner of indie hip hop mogul) mentioned her company and if I had heard any songs from her artists via a website link that she had emailed to me. 

That conversation then inspired me to "audition" my rap skills for consideration for Kathy's hip hop company.  Also, with the hope that Hip hop great Kelvin Avon(aka Afreex), who was also at the party, would take notice. 

So with the DJ providing me a beat, I went on to give an Ol' Dirty Bastard style live, drunken rendition of both the "Big Ass Booties remix" and "You Can Hide, But..."  Kathy got the whole thing videoed on her camera.  If she puts it up on line I'll be sure to release it.

Eventually the party officially ended and we were kicked out of Red, but that didn't stop us from staying congregated on the rooftop.  But with now no DJ playing any sort of music, I needed to take the initiative if I still wanted this to be a dance party.  So I took my blackberry, turned the speaker volume level to 11 and started blasting DMX. 

I managed to get at least two people dancing before finally being escorted off the premise and into a cab to get back home.  Although the details are a bit cloudy due to the generous sponsorship of the event by Samuel Adams beer, I do recall having my blackberry blasting music from my pocket as I made my way though all of IFC at 4 AM until I eventually got into the cab.

Before my grand exit, I managed to snap this one last pic of the night.

As this entry seems long enough, I'll write about the rest of the week in another blog entry.  Now off to do some karaoke with the crew... pics and blog coming soon to a computer screen near you.  ; )

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Cheers, Award u !!! All the best.
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OMG! *gasp* no hat! ooo you lookin' nice Joe~
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Oh Joe...you look so coy! ;p Or are you just drunk?
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beatiful women
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You are very popular indeed!! :-)
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