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New Year's Eve and almost brawl in NYC!

A very Happy New Year to all friends, fans, and people randomly passing through!  Hope all of you out on the Far East Coast were having a blast 13 hours before I was ringing in the new year on the East Coast.

That's right, I was back in NYC to visit family and friends.  This year's party place of choice was Stay Lounge in Manhattan.

Here's the view from cozy little spot we found right by the DJ booth.

Overall it was a cool little shindig, although I do have to admit that I missed partying it up without half the place being filled with AnD Official artists.  However, if any O.A.'s were at Stay that night, feel free to give a shout out and tag yourself if you see a random arm or ear in a pic that belongs to you.

For the most part the night was business as usual, hanging, catching up, getting sloshed and dancing like mad. 

Hanging with my buddy Carole

Dancing with my lovely wife

Making a little space for me on the dancefloor

One thing of note was that, while on the bathroom line, I ended up in the middle of an almost brawl.

Considering the amount of party-goers in the house, there was a sore lack of bathroom facilities.  Thus there was long lines of people in various states of inebriation eagerly awaiting the very moment they could dash in there ASAP since most people of course waited till the last possible moment to leave the open bar upstairs and head for the bathroom in the first place. 

Then comes this guy looking way too preppy for his own good; Brooks Brothers from head to toe.  He walks right to the bathroom door, past the 8 person line waiting, and looking very snooty about it.  You could feel the tension in the air.  6 guys and 2 girls (the girl's line was even longer so a couple of ladies defected to ours) all thinking to themselves, this guy better just be waiting for a friend to come out, otherwise it's going down.

Sure enough, the preppy bastard waits for two people to go in and then tries to go in the bathroom before all the rest of us.  We of course protest.  The guy started getting loud, 'I was waiting a long time to go, I have been here and I am next... blah blah blah."  So we got loud in retort. 

Now I'm usually not one for confrontation, but I had to go bad and there's no way I'm letting Brooks Brothers there cut in front of my Armani stylings.  I start getting in his face say "you go in before all of us and your head goes in the toilet.  Plain and simple."

He started getting louder, saucier, and more preppy.  He's like 'Do you know me?  Do any of you know me?  I don't think so.  So back off!'

I'm thinking, "listen to this fcking guy."  So I get even more in his face and I'm like "Dude, the fact that none of us know you only makes us feel less bad about dunking your fcking head in the toilet."

By that point one of the bouncers comes down to get things back in control.  After a bit of tense arbitration, he finally puts the guy in the spot in line he should have been and the situation is back under control without any head dunking required.  Good thing though, last think I needed was to get toilet water all over my Armanis.  But sometimes that's the price one pays for the smiting of one's enemies.

After a quick releaving, I get myself back to the party above and carry on without incident for the rest of the night.  Well that is until people started having to be carried home, but that is another story.

So here's a little picture evidence from the rest of the night....

Hanging with my buddy Carole

Dancing with my lovely wife

The DJ booth

Happy New Year!

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hey dude. i was in nyc as well. i went to Hiro
over 10 years ago
That's a great pic :) You two look perfect together.
over 10 years ago
Photo 31055
Aww, sweet!!!
over 10 years ago
Photo 31055
Still was hoping that stupid Brook B. dude would make a scene cuz I want to see his head got dunk in the toilet...with picture :-)
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good thing you guys didn't get into a fight. would be a bad way to start 2010.
over 10 years ago


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