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Lynette... part 3 of the short film

The long awaited release of Part 3 of my short film "Lynette" is here!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObFbB8b9OA0 In this episode: Lynette brings her latest target, Ricardo, back to her "Chamber of Love." Leave it to Lynette to ignore The Boss' orders. He said to do it "nice, quick and clean" and with "no fooling around." But Lynette is going to make long and dirty with lots of fooling around.... with an axe. Don't miss this spine tingling episode of "Lynette."

Production Notes:

Being one of the more purely demented scenes in this short film of mine, there of course were interesting stories to accompany the filming of it.  First off I have to give a big hand to our horror special effects make up artist Sean Manual for putting together some awesome and realistic looking sfx.  Another big hand has to go to my homeboys Kevin Gee and Peter Kim for being good sports about wearing that horror make up the ENTIRE DAY. 

Unfortunately I do have to blame it on my own rookie mistake at the time.  We ended up shooting the scenes chronologically which meant that, rather each person getting to clean up after we finished shooting their "They're already dead" scenes, KG and PK had to sit their looking dead for hours on end with all this latex and dried fake blood, etc. 

This lead to some interesting misunderstandings as they decided to take a cigarette and drink break downstairs... in front of the apartment building!  Apparently this horrified some people who found themselves passing by two guys who look like they've been absolutely mutilated just standing there very casually having a drink and smoking a cigarette.  One guy built up the courage to approach them.  The conversation went something along these lines...

Random passerby-er: "Hey guys?  Are.... are you two OK?"

Peter: "Yeah, why?  What's up?"

Random passerby-er: "Do... do you want me to call an ambulance?"

Kevin: "Why?  Did someone get hurt or something?"

Credit also has to go our lead actress Angie, who was a first time film performer in this short film.  As the time approached for her to shoot these scenes of her essentially flirting and kissing people dressed to look like freshly butchered corpses, she got really self conscious and nervous. 

As a good director, I went to try to calm my actress and see what I could do to get her to perform.  After a bit of back and forth and her telling me that she was kind of starting to freak out, I asked... "what can I do to make this more comfortable for you." 

Her answer... she needed a drink... a bunch of them.

Knowing full well Angie can handle her liquor pretty well, I agreed.  No sooner, Mike Nagi, our location manager for the day, produced a bottle of tequila and next thing you know my lead actress is having shots of tequila with some members of the crew.  Not sure how much she had, but when she came back to set, Angie was giddy, happy, relaxed, delivered her lines on the ball and flirted with a corpse like I've never seen.  Beautiful job!

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