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Lynette... part 2 of the short film

As promised I've released the second part of this vintage short film of mine on youtube. 

In this episode Lynette goes back to HQ to pick up her new assignment from The Boss. Still having deep feelings for Ralphie, who lies dead back at her apartment, she considers her ability to fall in love with anyone else, let alone her unfashionable new target.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpBAz4NVrvk

Production Note:

I posted this on facebook and my friend Jeani Kimm, who played one of The Boss' bodyguards in the background, reminded me of all the trouble we went through to get that shot of the portfolio sliding down the table to Lynette. 

I was obsessed with getting it in one continuous shot but each time we couldn't get the portfolio to slide as planned.  It would stop short or fly in a different direction or keep going off the table.  I think we did something like 40 takes until we finally decided to just go with what we had and cut it together from different angles.  Who would have thought it would have been such a pain to slide a pleather portfolio down a 30 foot table.  haha... oh well, you live you learn. 

Underground metal fans may recognize my good friend Dan Hegarty in the background playing the other bodyguard.  Another thing to note is that Dan Kim, the actor who played The Boss, was actually a last minute addition to the cast and a godsend for all intensive purposes.  I actually had trouble getting real Korean actors to be in this film.  At the time of filming my artist contact network was relatively small.  Plus it was to be a non-paid gig and even more so, several of the Korean speaking people I did approach were a little freaked out by the script.  The thought of people so offended by my gory vision added to my excitement of making the movie, but it did made it harder to cast unfortunately. 

Maybe a week or so before the shoot, I was still missing someone to play The Boss.  This worried me as it's a fairly dialogue intensive part and it would be tougher to pull off casting a non-Korean speaking person in the part as I did with Ralphie's part (Kevin only had to learn how to say "Help Me" and "No") and Liang Shih's part later in the movie.  By a week before the shoot, I was ready to settle for a man with a pulse that at least looked like an Assassin's guild Boss.  I even started preparing to try the role myself if need be and get Angie to teach me how to phonetically say the dialogue.

Then practically right before the shoot, I get a call from my homeboy Mike Nagi.  He had a Korean speaking co-worker who would be down for being in the flick.  I met him to give him the script, took one look at him and said, that's The Big Boss right there.  He came in and rocked it!

So another disaster averted last minute.  Although, I do have to admit, I am still a bit curious if I would have been able to pull off the role of The Boss myself.  haha  Either way, hope you enjoy this latest installment of "Lynette." 

More to come soon!

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