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Lynette.... long awaited short film (mini-series) by Joe Fiorello

The wait is over!  Long has this film has been lying in the depths of the Most Epic Triumph Films vault.  Lynette... a work of art by Joe Fiorello. 

Now at long last I've decided to release it to the world... in pieces.  I've uploaded Part 1 on youtube and every couple of days I will release another part until it's all there. 

Check it out!  Pass on the word!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2g7jOLhJk4

While I'm at it, I might as well give you some background on the ongoing saga of this film from the beginning. 

I had written and shot this short film years ago.  I originally wrote it in English, but had a particular friend of mine in mind for the lead role of the sexy, insane assassin Lynette, Angie Lim. 

After telling me that she would feel a lot more comfortable saying lines in Korean, I fell in love with the idea of doing Asian language film (having just started to get into the works of Park Chan-Wook and Takashi Miike at the time).  We got together with another to be co-star of the film, Peter Kim, and we translated the entire script into Korean, making what was already a twistedly dark, funny piece into something even more twistedly dark and (hopefully) funny to anyone understanding the subtleties of the language.

After going through a few iterations of possible production teams, I finally settled on producing and directing it myself with friend and previous collaborator Yvie Raijon cinematography.  Other noted members of cast and crew brought on board were:

Kevin Gee (Groomsman at my wedding and frequent star of my earlier films)

Liang Shih (star of my film "Tekken Too Far")

Dan Hegarty (homie from since back in the day and drummer extraordinaire)

Jeani Kimm (homegirl from NYU and later featured in "The Prayer")

Dan Kim (a co-worker of our location manager and homie since NYU, Mike Nagi)

Dan Wu (music video lighting guru)

Sean Manuel (Master Horror Makeup artist.  Volunteered for the crew when we went to buy fake blood from a Halloween shop)

Our two days of production were relatively smooth, given that this was a first time experience for many of the actors and crew involved.  Save for a few random tense moments due to overruns in time, we all had a blast making it.  There are other on set stories I can give, but you can ask me about those next time any of you bump into me at a party or something.  ; )

At the time of production I had envisioned that the soundtrack should be more of a jazzy bossanova sound.  Liang suggested the music of Maria Rita, a friend and old classmate from NYU who had been making headway in her singing career as a jazzy bossanova artist in Brazil.  He mentioned that she might be keen to let me use some of her music for the soundtrack.  That sounded perfect and I got my mind dead set on it.  But what I didn't realize that she had been signed to Warner Brothers records, making sync licensing rights an immediate issue.  But I figured I'd use her music to edit to, temporarily at least, while we try to reach her to get permission or I find other original music to go with.

When came time for post production, I was still quite inexperienced at the time so I used iMovie, which at the time was easy enough a program for me to use, yet not quite designed for a project like this.  I pushed iMovie to the very limits of its capabilities to edit my film, perhaps past its limits.  I know in fact because after I exported the 1st rough edit of the movie to screen for cast and crew, the very next time I opened the project to start re-edits, the project file crashed, irrevocably corrupted and I was now back at square one.

Over the years I kept promising myself, the people involved with the movie, and people who were interested in watching the movie that I would re-edit it and finally come up with a final version.  The last aborted attempt to re-edit, I managed, at the least, to put together a trailer for the film which only increased interest in the film, but not my time to work on the re-edit.  In that time I worked on other projects instead, worked on writing a screenplay for the feature length version, trying to produce that script, getting turned down and working on My Stuffed Animal is a Monster instead, working on other projects and now working on a new draft of a feature length screenplay of Lynette.

So it finally got to the point that I said "f*ck it.  No more waiting to start showing people this flic, even in it's very imperfect glory." 

So here we are.  I hope you enjoy the first part of this film in pieces (I guess mini-series would also be an appropriate term).  If there's enough interest in it, maybe I will finally reconsider coming up with a tighter final version of the edit, with music I actually do have the rights to.  Either way, let me know what you think of it.  Cool!

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I think it is alwsome geat fantastic you have really done yourself greatness thanks for sharing mary
over 10 years ago
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wow! i'm taking up a semester of psychology...this short film seem interesting...BRING IT ON!
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