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Killer Kawaii: Natalya Xavier... Anime Schoolgirl or Zombie's Lunch?

For Part 2 of my behind the scenes blog of the Killer Kawaii photoshoot, we feature our focus on Natalya Xavier

As it was Arne's plan to have me pose as a blood thirsty zombie, it was only natural that we needed a tasty morsel of a model for me to try to snack on.  Thus he called upon Natalya to come on board with the mission of trying to fend off my appetite for fresh limbs.

First it was Hiromi's turn to start making Natalya as deliciously anime as possible.  She starts off with attaching some super long eyelashes.

Then it was time to add some anime gang facepaint.

Then it was costume adjusting time... and nothing adds more sexiness to a costume than strategic ripping, if you ask me.

Especially when there's a bellybutton ring involved...

Next it Mike's turn to make Natalya's hair look cotton candy sweet.

Awww... blue and pink hair... the perfect zombie dessert after dining on live flesh.

Then Hiromi came back to do some touch ups and soil up Nat's costume nicely, so it looks like she's gotten into a few close calls already by the time I come on the prowl.

Now it's time for Natalya to get in front of Elden's lens.  Looks like Arne already has a good idea of what manner of lovely poses he will have Nat portray for us.

But before it was time for me to enter the picture, it was time for Natalya to take some solo shots.

Her character's weapon of choice.... a mini uzi....

... with dangling ice cream charms attached.

So it looks like Natalya can hold her own in the ass kicking department...

plus she's thirsty for more.

Horde of zombies climbing up to grab her off the platform?

No sweat!

Shoot off screen to RELOAD!

Oh no!  Dropped your gun in the middle of a zombie fight?  Go get it!.... as sexy as possible.

Faster pussycat... kill zombies, kill zombies, kill!

Oh no!  This machine gun is overheating... time to cool it down with an ice cream lick.

You talking to me?.... or are you just trying to get a peak?


OK, so it looks like Natalya is finally ready for our one-on-one, mano-y-zombie fight till the death... or dinner, whichever comes first.

Unfortunately I didn't get any behind the scenes pics of our deathmatch, as I was a bit busy trying to grab a bite or two to eat at the time...

But here's a little taste of what it looked like, care of Arne's cam.

You'll just have to hold your appetites until the coffee table book comes out to see the steamy one-on-one zombie fight in all it's glory and gore.  Until then....

Stay tuned for more pics from the shoot, featuring a sexy SWAT team machine gunner, Gloria Wong!


Elden Cheung: Photographer

Mike Tam (aka Mike Cutter, aka Mike Scissorhands): Hair (including creating the Anime wigs)

Hiromi Naka: Make up

Spencer Douglass: Producer

Arne Venema: Concept, Creative Director, Costume Designer

Sonya Fu will handle the Comic Book Backdrops

Special thanx to Chris Keith for providing the arsenal

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
she's got an interesting look.
almost 11 years ago
Photo 49156
Saw her and was like YES! Instantly knew she would work !
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