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It's official! I'm Official!

That's right... I've just been deemed an AlivenotDead.com "Official Artist."  You can now see me as a newly addition addition to the artists searches under Director, Screenwriter, and Film/TV Editor.  As part of the new goodness that I receive, I've been given the power to put up a playlist on my profile with various video triumphs from my career thus far. 

For those too lazy to search through youtube, feel free to just play on my playlist and sit back for a half hour or so to enjoy.  Word!  Many thanks again to AnD for bestowing this honor upon me.  I feel just like when I first got my imdb page.

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Ooh goodie! I get a music player too! I've uploaded some classic tracks of my own creation as well.
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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong

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