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I'm in Sky Magazine!

That's right.  Two pages dedicated to your favorite Italian-American filmmaker who's not named Quentin or Martin. 

Sky Magazine @ AlivenotDead

I picked up a whole backpack full of copies from Sky Tao herself, so if you want one let me know or just swing by Dressed Salads @ IFC to get your copy with a two page spread of my beautiful face.

Many thanks to Sky for helping to spread word of my work to the teenage community of Hong Kong. 

That being said (considering the usual content of my AnD blogs) here is a public service announcement directed at any teens that may be reading this....

Drinking alcohol until you're so drunk you're flirting with staff writers from the Hollywood reporter, vomiting into a bush outside a club, ruining you're good friend's shirt when he's helping you in a cab and then waking up your wife in the middle of the night because you're mere centimeters from being face first in the toliet and your own sick, may sound like a lot of fun, but it's not something that you should be doing when you're a growing and developing teenager. 

Better alternatives would be to spend your time expanding your mind with books, traveling around and seeing the world, applying yourself to sports and extracurricular activities.  Your teen years should be spent with safe and fun activities and not with drinking glasses of free champagne at a VIP only club until you can barely stand.  You have so much in life to look forward to, so don't waste your youth on drugs or alcohol.

Once you've gotten you're career and life on track and you still have a few years before you have kids and really have to turn into an adult.... THAT is when you should party like a rockstar.  So take it from me folks.  Wait until you're in your late twenties before you start wine, women and songing... you'll appreciate it all a lot more then.

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