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I Have Returned.... New York, NY

That's right people, I've come back home for the holidays.  I'm in New York until mid January.  Hopefully it won't take until then to get over the jetlag.... must.... stay... awake.... until night time..... zzzzz.

So it will be a little bit of time before I'm back updating you on my continuing adventures in the mystical land of Hong Kong..... so until then, I will be sure to try to come up with blog worthy adventures in the mystical land of New York, NY city of dreams.  Woohoo!

Also, another woohoo update, late last night we wrapped principal photography on "The Angel's Contract" a film by Jona Lam starring Maggie Hou and Ghost Style, and featuring Michelle CW Lau, Arne Venema, JuJu Chan, and Sky Tao

A brilliantly awesome and smooth running production (except for a few hectic last second casting changes, lots of problems with random Christmas songs playing in public places, and that one point when one of my building's residents almost tried to start a fist fight with Arne Venema because the roar of the engine from the Delorian was keeping the entire building (possibly the entire block) awake.  The plan is to fast track that for entry into the HKIFF.  So hopefully you will all get a chance to check it out on the big screen.

So stay tuned for more pics and words and stuff like that.  Cool! 


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Wellcome home^^
over 10 years ago
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Have a safe flight back home. No place beat NYC for Christmas...okie, maybe Stockholm but still...I'm sure the city can't wait to have you back!!!
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