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I got my license to "BE STUPID"... thanks to Diesel

That's right!  I caught word from the AnD banner ads, and other sources, of the grand t-shirt giveaway taking place yesterday at the Diesel store. 

Anyone who knows me should know that there is very little I wouldn't do for a cool free t-shirt.  Corporate assassinations, seducing wealthy elderly women, hacking complex computer systems, pruning the hedges of many small villages.... the moral ambiguity of these situations becomes just a bit more ambiguous when a free t-shirt is thrown into the equation.

So I raced to Queens Road Central to reserve a place in line, hoping that the limited time offer would at the very least include me in the limited few.  For if my observations of Hong Kong hold correct, the second anything is offered for free in the streets, tis an extravaganza that forms.  Sure enough, I get to the Diesel store and see this...

A giant crowd of people crowding the street, as far as the eye can see... even with a telephoto lens.  And the line was winding up and down the street.  Argh!  It cannot be all these people heard about this before me!

So I crossed my fingers and got on line, hoping that I had not arrived too late.

I slowly trudged past the Diesel store... inching ever so slowly towards the end of the line.

I tried to take a picture of the model looking girl standing in the doorway of the Diesel store, but aimed the camera very badly.

I looked at the woman in front of me in line, hoping that I would not have to put to use my skills as a corporate assassin to get a t-shirt, in the case that they ran out right before me.

I got a view of the eventual end of the line and an old lady receiving a new, plastic-wrapped, free t-shirt... and hoped I would not have to use my charms to seduce the shirt away from her.

I looked at this kid, running crowd control and hoped that I would not have to computer hack my blackberry to the side of his head in order to make off with the t-shirt from his back.

... and before I had a chance to contemplate pruning the hedges of many small villages.... VOILA!  I'm at the front of the line... and there's still t-shirt's left!  Woohoo!

I got my t-shirt and made off like a bandit. And thus concluded my story of getting a free BE STUPID shirt... but the adventure yet continues!

For now that I have my t-shirt, giving me full license to "Be Stupid" (something I find myself doing after a few rounds in our favorite Lan Kwai Fong watering hole anyway), I do believe my adventures and blogs of such adventures will carry on with a fervor indescribable... except perhaps through the words of a blog. 

And now I have the t-shirt to wear while on those adventures!

Thanks Diesel!

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Diesel 61 diesel
Thanks for the support Joe! You rule!!!! BE STUPID.
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i'm jealous!
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