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  • Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong :)


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  • yandytsue
    Official artist 
    Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 1:33PM [Report]
    thanks for the happy birthday! haha!
  • eurasianfeline
    Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 9:38AM [Report]
    Haha thanks. Yeah he was very happy and I was so proud of him. I missed it as well as I was having my Finals so I only saw photos of it :( Hopefully now that I'm back I won't miss anymore...and maybe can go back to auditioning stuff!! :P
  • eurasianfeline
    Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 9:07AM [Report]
    Hey I just came back from UK so I didn't see the play actually. I knew Reuben from years ago in HKSingers and Alfy cos my bf directed Oliver.
  • sweetynora
    Thursday, Aug 19, 2010 11:37PM [Report]
    Sounds really cool!
    What b-day gift do u like the best?
  • sweetynora
    Thursday, Aug 19, 2010 12:38PM [Report]
    Sorry can't go 4 ur birthday party coz I still had jobs!
    How was ur activity that day?
  • liugenshui
    Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010 8:54PM [Report]
    残疾人艺术团 刘根水 恭祝您:快乐幸福每一天!
  • cfl1116
    Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010 3:21PM [Report]
    hi Joe

    Thanks for dropping by..
    Keep the good work.. whatever u doing..
    remember make most of your future with happiness and fun..
  • hodakayu
    Official artist 
    Monday, Aug 16, 2010 5:21AM [Report]
    Thank you for visitting me !
  • sillysindy
    Friday, Aug 13, 2010 4:51AM [Report]
    =)  Thank you so much for the advice!
    I will definitely take your advice, when I start learning about filming.  (Probably 2 years from now.  Gotta finish the program I'm in now.)   I think my first goal is learning to make music video..

    *_~ Hopefully we can keep in touch?  So are you in Asia right??
  • cutee87
    Thursday, Aug 12, 2010 12:01PM [Report]

    Check the above link. I think you guys have another new item to try out. :P
  • sillysindy
    Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010 7:36PM [Report]
    =)  cool.  Thank you so much for your advice.. I've checked out 2 wonderful film school in my location and they are very expensive..  However I might take some film related classes at the local junior college..  which type of classes should I take?  Thanks
  • mikemai
    Official artist 
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 1:00PM [Report]
    october is very likely!
  • joannayang
    Official artist 
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 11:43AM [Report]
    Heh very vivid descriptions. Thx Joe.

    Sang in a band and pretty much enjoyed it. Fav song of tat night to sing was "My Cherie Amour"
  • joannayang
    Official artist 
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 11:15AM [Report]
    Hey thanks fellow JO and ex-acct :) Cool tat your current job is a screenwriter, and actor too! How fun...
  • ValerieGarza
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 9:18AM [Report]
    OMG!!!!!! thx very much!!! ur the best!!!
  • ValerieGarza
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 9:08AM [Report]
    its really important to me : )
  • ValerieGarza
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 9:04AM [Report]
    i just need u to read my blog and take action :)
  • ValerieGarza
    Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010 8:59AM [Report]
    thx 4 understanding hey can you help me?
  • koko930
    Sunday, Aug 8, 2010 3:01AM [Report]
    Happy belated Birthday!! (^^)
  • michael_chan
    Official artist 
    Saturday, Aug 7, 2010 1:10AM [Report]
    Happy birthday again!!~ When are you coming back?!? Catch up soon!!~


  • A writer and player from New York, now doing his thing in Hong Kong! ...


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