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GROUNDED @ Philia Lounge

So I finally got to check out GROUNDED for the first time.  It's a Hip Hop showcase organized by E.V.E.N.T.  It's held every month in Hong Kong, so it's you're down with "Proper" Hip Hop... I'm talking about old school classics with real MCing and none of that "made for ring tones" stuff that's been coming out as of late, check out the next one.

That being said, I showed up at Philia Lounge fashionably late, about 2 hours into the party, but it's all good.  By that point the party was bumping and it kept going till they finally kicked us out at around 4 AM.  Interestingly enough I had promised myself I would just swing by for one drink and to say wassup.  But when faced with all the best hip hop tunes from back in the day, fine ladies, all my homies rocking it, it was hard to resist busting a move till the break of dawn. 

So without further adieu, some picture evidence from the night.

Me and what was supposed to be my "one drink" for the night...  it soon became the first of many on this funky fresh night.

The crowd was bumping!

There was a showcase of b-boy and b-girl skills.

Arne and Kelvin rocking the party!

Kate and Teresa rocked the party as well.  Also, at some point Andrew Lang bequeathed his reindeer antlers to me, so I rocked the antlers for the rest of the night.

Well, at one point Teresa rocked the Antlers too.

Here's the last pic of the night, right before they kicked us all out of the lounge...

and for a change I actually know who I'm taking a picture with.  ; )

More pics in the album.  Looking forward to the next GROUNDED.  Maybe I'll showcase some of my own B-Boy skills.  hehehe

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Enjoyable life. Cheers=)
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