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Dai Fu Lou and Jona's going away party!

Thanks to all who have been giving props and support to our homeboy Chung Dha / Jona Lam in his return back to the Netherlands.

We've received word that he has landed in one piece and wishes he was back in Hong Kong again.  On that note, I'd like to share some pics and video from Jona's awesome going away party.

We started off the night at Lin Heung Tea House in Sheung Wan.  Our cast of characters for the occasion were Jona (our man of the hour), Spencer Douglass, Arne Venema, Christian Keith, and John Tien (who graciously took the majority of the pictures you are about to see). 

It was at Lin Heung that we gave Jona his going away present.  A hot anime chick figure to warm any lonely nights he might have back in Holland.

One interesting thing of note there is that we were effectively refused Tsingtao beer for being gwielos.  Spencer (in full Cantonese) ordered two bottles of Tsingtao.  When the waiter returned with two bottles of Blue Girl instead, Spencer (again in full Cantonese) inquired about the mix up.  The waiter then proceeded to explain that they keep the Tsingtao for only the locals to drink and that Blue Girl is what they give white folk like us.  Nice. 

I guess Jona and John Tien weren't local looking enough to break the rule of thumb on our behalf.  It's also very ironic, considering that Tsingtao Brewery was originally founded by Germans strictly for the purpose of making German style beer for Western ex-pats in China.  After humbly drinking the Blue Girl beer, we eventually managed to get Tsingtao after asking a different waiter.

Another thing of note is that the 4-8 tall bottles of Blue Girl and Tsingtao shared collectively inspired us to perform a very unscientific, observational experiment involving the cooked head of a chicken.

Check out this video for the full detailed observation of what happens when one tries pushing a chicken's eyeball from behind.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfwhcwUSUYI

After we filled our bellies and appetite for tea house hyginx, we moved on to the next stop on the road to having a lot of explaining to do when we get to the pearly gates.... Bit Point, a place that will give you whatever beer you want no matter the general tint of your skin.

There, Elden Cheung (Photographer extraordinaire) joined in on the revelry.  It was there that we switched from beer to GaGa's infamous pint sized mojitos... only available at Bit Point if you're people who knows people.

Another thing of note is that a while back Jona had created a brand called Dai Fu Lou (roughly translated into Giant Underwear Man).  On this day, he brought with him all the remaining Dai Fu Lou stuff he had to leave in Arne's hands while he was gone. 

Among the branded items were little stuffed animals and t-shirts.

But also, there was this giant promotional Dai Fu Lou mask.

After all the tasty beverages sampled thus far, we just couldn't help ourselves but to have some good old fashioned fun with this giant, yellow, underwear shaped head.

We left Bit Point for the next stop on our adventure, a lounge that Elden told us had just recently opened and was off the hook.... Lakage!

There we were treated to more tasty beverages...

And of course the Dai Fu Lou head was still very much a part of our fun and revelry there.

Check the dual Dai Fu Lou and Alive Not Dead product placement.

Now the cool thing about Lakage is that there is literally a big, bird's cage in the middle of the dance floor.  Paid, professional dancers of male and female genders alternate giving shows inside the cage.  But we figured, why not get into the action ourselves.

Of course, we have video evidence of our adventures in cage dancing.... most epic of all was that we managed to get Jona, the man of the hour, to go into the cage and be properly woman-handled by the always lovely and fetching Tifa Li (who you might remember I acted along side in "The Arrangement"). 

We got video evidence of this majestic moment in our homeboy Jona's life, so you won't want to miss it.  Here is both the raw footage taken by John Tien on his camera and a little edited piece I put together from footage I took on my blackberry.  Enjoy!

Video: Shot & edited by Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifx5dTWVEzM Video: Shot by John Tien http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSnRMBkyimQ Peace Jona, we'll miss you in HK.

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about 10 years ago
Reminds me of the Wisconsin cheeseheads http://eof737.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/agreenbaypackercheesehead.jpg
about 10 years ago
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AHHH, from this angle , i thought it was me!! O_O i was for one second tell to myself, when did i get the white AND hat.... im so tired...
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahah bye to the dai fu lou!
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Beautiful celebration
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Man looks like i miss out on all the fun thanks for keeping us updated peace
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