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Chilling in Guilin, China

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to wish everyone back home and beyond well from mainland side.  Finishing up a weekend of exploring the mystical and magical city of lights, water, and skinny mountains known as Guilin.  Wish I could share some pics with me but I forgot my SD card reader at home, so you'll have to wait for me to put up a choice few from my trip.  Spending it here with my sweetheart as we are celebrating our 1st year Anniversary.  Woohoo!  Time flies.

A beautiful and picturesque place, but my one complaint has been with my internet access, both with being able to get on the internet at the hotel and checking out my usual sites once I've managed to get the connection to work.  Facebook?  blocked.... Youtube?  blocked.... argh!  Tyranny can be so inconvient at times.

Either way, definitely recommend the place for all those looking for a nice getaway from the smog filled airs of beautiful and apparently asthma-causing Hong Kong (that's a whole other story).  Just make sure to remember your sunblock....a warning learned from experience as I fell asleep on an relaxing journey atop an unshaded bamboo boat, just to wake up finding my arms red like a lobster.

More to come soon!  Plus I haven't forgotten about blogging about the Gloria Wong "Killer Kawaii" shoot or the rest of the "BlackBox" shoot.  Argh... so behind!  See you all later.

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Hi, Gui Lin is really a nice place, I've been there once, but didn't have enough time to enjoy. Did you try the local mi fen/ rice nooddle-GUI LIN MI FEN? It was tasty and cheap.
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@cptlisa, It was really cool and picturesque. Definitely want to visit there again one day. Not sure if I tried the local specialty rice noodle though. I did have a few locally famous fish dishes though. One of them was a beer fish that was really good. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Gui Lin Mi Fen next time I go there. Thanks for the recommendation!
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