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@ M1NT's 3rd Anniversary Party

Just taking a break from writing a new, soon to be named and shot script.  It's all very hush hush for now so I won't put a hex on it by telling you anything.

But, wanted to give the lowdown on what went down last Friday night.  The night started off like most others, hanging with Spencer, Arne and Kelvin Avon (aka Afreex) music producer supreme at Bit Point in LKF.  They mentioned that they were heading to the 3rd Anniversary party at M1NT (HK's first ever shareholder's only club) and that security would be tight, so there was a chance that they wouldn't be able to get me in.  No worries, but if there's anything I learned from Gino the Ginny, it's that "If I'm not VIP, I'm outta here!" 

Sure enough, we got to the door and security was tight.  Large armed bouncers surrounding a very beautiful and very polite lady holding "The List."  Unfortunately, my name wasn't on it.  Some calls, text messages and negotiation later, and next thing I know I'm being motioned in with the rest of my crew like we own the place.... well more like we're friends of the person who owns the place.

So we were in!

Free champagne was flowing like wine.  There was even a nice young lady offering free Cosmos, but I've learned my lesson already... Now I run when I see flavored martinis.

We bumped into Mike, master of the Seven Scissors technique, who was handling the hair styling for the performers that night.

Speaking of performances, Simon Yin of CB Fresh was Master of Ceremonies for the night.

The performance section of the night started off with a dance performance in the back section with the shark tanks...

Then a wonderful vocalist named Gretchell Yaneza got up on the bar and sang some tunes..

Meanwhile we partied in the crowd.

Then there was a fire breathing performance from M1NT's bartender.

A dance performance, featuring Kelvin's wife Jen.

Another singing performance by Gretchell.

And some aerialist performances as well.

Meanwhile, the free champagne continued to pour are we partied all the while.

Partying with Spencer.

Partying with Tanya from Kate and Emilie's acting workshop I'm taking on Mondays.

I even partied with one of the official photographers of the event.

At some point the champagne and subsequent Heinekens inspired me to get up and dance on the stage with some other fellow inspired clubgoers.  At that point, my memory of the night started to get a little hazy.  I remember rallying the rest of the clubgoers in M1NT into a frenzy.  Here's what photographic evidence I have of what transpired afterward.

The view from the stage.

The DJ




My crotch

The DJ again

Final pic of the night..... I have no clue whatsoever who this is I'm posing with

So that was the 3rd Anniversary Party at M1NT. 

One other thing of note, is that I do remember that, as we were shuffling out of the club, on the way to the door, I was introduced by Arne to a lady who I am now thinking was a hostess of the club.  In my drunken stupor at the time, I was convinced that Arne was introducing me to the one and only Race Wong who is at the moment recording a new album with Kelvin producing. 

After very enthusiastically shaking her hand and telling her about how I am not very familiar with her past music, but am very much excited to hear what collaborations she is making with Kelvin at the helm, Arne and the lady were able to somehow convince me that she was not in fact Race Wong and that I was completely mistaken.  No picture evidence exists of that particular moment and perhaps that is for the best.... hehehe

Check out more pics of the night in the album.

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The last time I remember seeing you that night, you were dancing like mad and singing "Hey MuthaF**ka, get laid , get F**ked" to Mony Mony!!! lol!!
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