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"Angel's Contract" production and publicity photos

Now that I'm a bit settled in on my triumphant return to the U.S. wanted to give you some updates.... of stuff from Hong Kong.  Nothing much to report on my activities stateside, other than I've been heavily fed by both my parents and mother-in-law.

So for those who haven't seen these already on other people's sites, here are some initial publicity shots, draft posters, and behind the scenes production photos from the film I was just working on " Angel's Contract.

I was brought on-board by Maggie Hou and Chung Dha / Jona Lam as a writer to add a bit of my special charm and wordplay to Jona's draft script and synopsis .  We decided in the end to do the film in Cantonese, since the idea of it seemed cool, so Maggie, our wonderful lead actress, handled much of translating my script written in English to Cantonese, usually minutes before shooting a take.

The film also starred Michelle C.W. Lau and Brandon "Ghost Style" Ho, as both Maggie and Michelle's love interest in the film

Also in front of the camera were the lovely JuJu Chan and Sky Tao.

Unfortunately, I don't have any production pics handy right now of Sky on set... but if you look closely in the next pic, you can see that I finally got a chance to wear my awesome "Sonny Corleone beats up his brother-in-law" t-shirt.

Production wise, we used a small crew, with Jona on cam and me recording sound with my other cam as we shot Guerrilla-style at IFC and in the streets outside my apartment.  For scenes inside my apartment, Aaron Palermocame on-board to lend a hand working the sound.

For shooting one outdoor sequence, we needed a car.  Jona was able to get a hold of John Tien who brought his souped up Delorean, which at it's quietest sounds like a dragster on steroids.  In a now infamous turn of events, our shooting ran a bit over our estimations and one of my neighbors stormed out of the building looking for the man in charge of the production to nearly start a fist fight with.... he went right for Arne Venema who had graciously come on board last minute to play a small part and was awaiting word from Jona to make his cameo appearance. 

We all kind of stood half in shock and half ready to pounce on the dude with our tripods and monopods as Arne listened to the guy freak the f*ck out over the sound of the car revving it's engines keeping people awake.  In the end, we apologized as best as we could and decided to cut that sequence shooting short and pushed the car out into the street to avoid any further trembling of the building.  On a side note, Jona seemed a bit disappointed that it was Arne's head and not his that the neighbor tried to rip off.  hahaha

After the car incident it was back to my apartment, where we had a couple more shots to take.  We had to change our plan for shooting those scenes though as it was already about midnight and a couple of friends (who were going to be housesitting while I'm back in the U.S.) were sleeping in the bedroom 5 feet away.  What originally was supposed to be shot as a loud, madcap scene had to become a more subdued, madcap scene.  I think we pulled it off though. 

And that was a wrap!

We celebrated by polishing off half a bottle of Grey Goose that I had stashed in the freezer for such an occasion.  By 2:30 AM our drinking and merry making finally woke up one of my friends and it was at that point that we finally decided to call in the night.... especially since I still had to pack for my trip.

So that was it.  Jona should be hard at work editing it to submit it in time for the HKIFF.  Hopefully you'll all get to see the grand premiere then.  Until that, here are some more pics from the shoot.

Photos by Chung Dha Lam, JuJu Chan, and Me.  More pics in my album as well as Jona's and JuJu's albums on facebook.

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cool shots...
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Back to the Future!
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Looking good!
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props for having a delorean!
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