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Acting Class and Housechilling update

Big update is yesterday I decided to go check out the acting workshop held by the HK Theatre Association and lead by esteemed actresses Kate Sullivan and Emilie Guillot.  Had a blast and now I know how I'll be spending many of my Monday evenings going forward.

Jumped at the opp to take such as class, being that I have been finding myself a bit out of the loop with the lingo sometimes when working with my actors.  As Amanda, Sara, Kate, Mark, Ben, Matt or any other of the trained players can probably attest to, any discussion of specific acting techniques or mention of fancy words like "Meisner," "Stanislavski,"  or "Laban" would typically draw blank nods from me.  But once I've done this class, I shall be trained and versed as well!  Woohoo!

In other news, I've been getting more and more requests for info about the status of "The Housechilling" short film.... mostly from the cast and crew, but from other fans as well.  Good news is I'm back at work and making progress.  I almost forgot how much of a pain in the neck editing narrative short forms can be.  But it's all good.  I've come up with a very, very, very rough cut of the first 1:40 minutes of the film.  Once I get thoughts from the cast and crew, I'll post the clip up here for all you to check out.  Hope it doesn't disappoint. 

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(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……我来当第一个留言的人~! 当导演、当编剧也很辛苦啊~!灵感确实很重要~通常我身边的男生画画创作没灵感的时候都会抽支烟、喝点酒,呃……一直都觉得这样很奇怪,难道抽支烟灵感就来了吗?…… 祝你拍片顺利愉快,期待你的新作~! PS:我决定坚持用中文留言,少用翻译软件来看我写的是什么哦~不然不容易进步,像我一样,一上这个网站就一本英汉词典一直不停地查,速度虽然慢点,但还是颇有成效的…… 刚刚去看了你的留言,你的鼓励就是我的动力~!下一张是我的素描创作作业,画的是“老茶馆”,要来看哦~
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