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Visit to KC sec sch after 10 years~

Walked down memory lane in my sec school Katong Convent last friday with 3 of my ex sec 4 classmates. Coincidentally we were all from the prefectorial board previously. Bumped into a very nice Bio teacher of ours and ate with her at the canteen...Took photos of the school changed and unchanged.


But it's only 1/3 collection of all photos taken...pending from my friends.

It's so ironic how near my sec sch and JC are to my house, and yet i never went in to visit.

Maybe VJC might be my next stop (opp my estate) only......so near yet so 'far'...

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No Ren Ren that's NOT weird...i miss the nice food, hee will go back one more day to eat western food :P altho it sounds kinda lame haha.
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