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So Happy to see Dan Wu on Visitor's Page

Feeling very surreal after seeing Dan Wu visited my profile...

Yups perhaps some of you have him even writing comments on your page...(which i wish for). But im so happy that i couldn't sleep last night :P Ended up on this website till 6am in the morning and slept till 8 plus before going for my piano teachers' training at 10am....Felt super concussed...result of happiness from seeing him on my visitor's list.

I must mention again that i'm so blown away by him in Protege...it's like he's taking over Andy Lau in reel life and in real life. Really been steadily rising fast in the HK entertainment circle.

I was so glad to see his previous shows playing on TV in Singapore again like New Police Story...aww he look so cute and damn cool when acting as the smart villain....and the end he look so poor thing...And Ms Du Shi Niang which i have not watch previously...then found out he starred in a minor role in Magic Kitchen....STILL HOT as usual...Watched his One Night in Mongkok too :) Sadly didn't watch Naked Weapon, Peony Pavilion, Heavenly Kings which he won awards for...guess will turn on my radar for them now.

Anyway, needless to say he's so gorgeously cute and hot...and once again i'm so happy to see him on my visitor's list.

Glad to know more about Andrew too through this website :)

Addicted to this website WHICH ROCKS!!

 However, all good things have points of improvement or questions:

1) Dun understand the fact that when trying to add another person as a friend, you temporarily land up as the fan of the person...altho temporarily, but weird la...

2) Perhaps the chat box can have a slightly longer space, or maybe put on separate page so that can see more history, at least more than just 1 small pg of history...as web servers lag from time to time, may miss out msgs.

3) Query: How do 'fans' get selected on front page of website? Based on Rottendoubt's or other website keepers' liking and/or based on how 'dedicated' the fan is??? Not randomly? Just wondering...

Anyway, continue to rock on Daniel, Andrew, and the website of alivenotdead.com~!!!


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Thanks Andy for answering my query :)
about 17 years ago
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hee just wishing he'd leave a comment. wishing for the star...
about 17 years ago
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yes and no? some are just perhaps enthusiastic fans who signed up their profile first on this website.
about 17 years ago
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icic.....anyway looking forward to upload music files online...
about 17 years ago
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mm..saw that Daniel no longer exists in my visitors' page.....did he remove it himself? Heard the same thing happened to Water_Phoenix too...
about 17 years ago
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oh Andrew was the 1st celeb to visit, Terence just visited recently...but dunno why Dan's profile has disappeared :(
about 17 years ago


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