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PhD-certified Personality Test

Joanna, your Personality Summary

Key Areas of your Personality

Your personality stands out from the average person's particularly in the areas of:

*Your High Curiosity Level *Your High Emotional Reactivity Level *Your Low Distractibility *Your High Need for Variety

One chapter of your 100-page Personality Report is dedicated to how you compare to the average woman and the average man in the 8 main areas of personality, and how this affects the way that people interact with you.

Subset of your Personality Measurement:




Social Need


Approval Need

Ability to Focus


Reliance on Intuition

Tolerance for Change

Your personality is made up of a unique pattern of traits. These traits impact the way you think, feel, and behave on an everyday basis. In your report you will read a detailed explanation of each of your core personality traits, including your strengths and challenge points.

Your Interaction Style:

You scored 40 in the area of extroversion/ introversion, which means that your energy is directed primarily inward, rather than outward. Your mixed score in this trait creates an interesting and alluring combination of traits: You are social yet also very reflective and introspective. You like to be around people, but too much interaction drains your energy. You need to retreat every once in a while in order to recharge your batteries. Keep these needs in mind when choosing the ideal work situation for you, otherwise you won't feel happy.

Social patterns: You are left-brained when it comes to interacting with people and recognizing emotions in other people.

What does this mean? Since there is a 'cross-over' in the human brain for visual information, it means that you tend to focus on the right side of a person's face when you want to figure out what they are thinking and feeling. This is a unique way of viewing the world. You are likely to be sensitive to 'micro-expressions' - the tiny movements of the muscles in the face that occur, for example, when someone is telling a lie.

Hearing preferences are an interesting exception to this left-right crossover. For example, if two people were talking behind a closed door and you needed to put your ear on the door to hear, you would tend to use your left ear instead of your right.


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