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Into about my 5th mth in teaching piano. Yep, more my cup of tea as compared to accounts. But somehow i feel that something is still missing......my desire to perform.

Just had a conversation with one of my church choir friends who's a doctor, as well as self taught jazz pianist, who was with Thomson Jazz Band. And currently having his own jammings/stints. He was the one who introduced mainstream jazz to me by lending me many CDs, some scores and jamming with me at his house. He even bought a double bass to learn the jazz bass part just to jam with me, coz i play the piano/keyboard. Initially we were supposed to perform at the East Coast Cove some yrs back, but he was late in registering and so the mini trio got disbanded as his bro also went overseas for studies. He himself, also joined the Thomson Jazz Band, and busy with his medicine work/studies. He's a self taught jazz pianist. And he also lent me materials on more chim chords/comping etc etc.

Was telling him that with guidance/mentoring, i'd excel in jazz like my classical. But i guess he wants me to DIY. That is, listen to CDs and just do improvisation myself along with the music. Mm...i guess i have to stop more of my idling time and do more work there if i want to improve my static level of jazz now.

Actually, my idea of performing, i feel, is not just limited to genre of jazz. For me, i like a variety of music to play, whether pop, oldies, classical, lounge, jazz etc etc...guess i got short attention span. That's how i managed to finish my whole piano classical studies i.e. play a large variety of songs ranging from chinese TV drama songs (if they caught my attention), advertisements, songs from CD/radio/TV/intro-ed by friends. Basically i play these music by ear. But i have to say that i think that Jazz this genre is the most difficult of all to play. Coz of the complex harmony, melody to be improvised on the spot, and the basics i guess would be understanding the chord structure of the music; all without score, or with the basic melody line on the score, or which should be in your head by then; also by ear mainly. Whereas classical is almost like studying: Just reiterate when practising, memorize, perform, period. No creativity needed except of course in expressing the music.

Sigh...Nil Sine Labore. My JC's motto - Nothing without labour. Even at my age, after finishing my diploma in piano, still have to keep on learning new stuff!!!! More difficult stuff to upgrade...need to get over the stumbling block of procrastination to be hard on myself....again. Although i have to say, i still play my jazz pieces currently, mm...like Autumn Leaves, Over the rainbow (In music section), Take 5 without the difficult improv part, You've Changed (In Music Section here), Gal from Ipanema, One note samba, So nice, Lullaby of a birdland, Blues for Barry, Volare Vio(In music section), Desafinado (longtime no play), some bossanova piece; scores songs wise - Giant steps (improv part DAMN fast and difficult!!!), Bill Evans pieces (3 of them), Aunt Hagar's Blues (Art Tatum) wa score very difficult to read....etc

I mean, i do play watever i know, watever i have still, just less :p And i guess it's time to go More, much more into depth.

It's so unfair that in Singapore, jazz is just not in your veins, we do not like grow up in a culture whereby everyone around u just plays jazz in MOST pubs/bars. We have to pay through our noses for expensive CDs/DVDs, Mosaic concerts at Esplanade. I mean it's already an unfair advantage for singaporeans to learn jazz. And i heard that to learn under jazz pianists/performers cost quite a bomb i guess. Quite low on cashflow recently since i just started out on my new job, so not really keen on more cash outflow for now. K tats all, blog ended. Finally...Admire you if u have read till here of my ramblings man... 


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didnt really record those mentioned up there, but do have simpler songs played, 1 chorale piece sung :p. Problem is not sure how to attach mp3files here...Juhana mentioned a website which converts..but didnt really check it out. Guess will have to brush up my jazz then will record, if i can find my mp3 player :p
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Seriously? Maybe we can go out one day when u're in Singapore~ :)
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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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