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NO PORK!!!!!

Just saw a video of pork containing maggots/worms after you pour coke over it to corrode the pork. (btw, coke and pork are not good for the body). So gross man...

Guess for Asians, it's difficult to give up pork...

2nd time i read/watch about why pork should not be consumed...

Copied and paste (coz im lazy...) from my friendster blog below:

[Just read an article on how dirty pork flesh was...super gross.

Ties in with what happened when I was holidaying at Taiwan. They throw unwanted food in a bin for pigs' food. Also my aunt had instances of worms in stomach when young. Taiwan had a case of pigs' disease. Bible was right.

And yet so many Asians especially are happily eating pork: bah chor, sioh bah, xiao long bao, pork floss, sausages, bacons, ham, luncheon meats, bbq sweet meats...hard to give up i guess for some. Will make a conscious effort to give up pork. Used to do that. ]


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hee, still ate pork from time to time...yesterday had ribs argh...then few weeks back Xiao Long bao....sigh...it's just thinking of worms parasiting in your body which irks me hee..
about 17 years ago
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yups, my doctor friend says anyway all kinds of meats have worms in them...so.... Anyway just saw Terence visited my profile today, told him i knew more about him thru your profile since u both are friends.
about 17 years ago
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according to the article, somehow the worms can live with very high cooking temperatures too heh
about 17 years ago
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Yay The Doctor has made her point :) so im not wrong after all....just that temptations.....at least i stopped myself from eating Xiao Long Bao at Crystal Jade today k.....they are so yummy u know...haha
about 17 years ago


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