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IMPACT of Moons on our Universe

Never knew how important Moons were in our universe till I watched a documentary during the Batam trip. Astronomy is one of the subjects that truly intrigues me other than human anatomy and deep sea living organisms.

Hence despite my family were in deep sleep at 1-2 am, I fought sleepiness to finish the documentary.

There is this theory that last time our moon collided with our Earth but lucky for us Earth still survived while the moon was shattered and the pieces colluded again to form the existing moon. Last time when the moon was much nearer to the earth, a day lasted only 6 hrs, and it starts to pull further away from the Earth, the day hrs increased to today's 24 hrs. What was the evidence? On the moon they brought back the land stones and examined. They found it to be the same as Earth's composition but in extreme high temperatures. Hence they came up with the above theory.

That was not the most exciting part to me.

They were talking about each planet having a gravitational pull on objects around them. When the object is of a considerable size, it will be called a moon. The gravity pull can be so strong that it causes the moon to have volcanic eruptions. If weak, the moon may orbit ard with a further distance and hence some moons do not have much activities on them, like our current moon. Neptune have moons ard it.

The interesting thing is Saturn's ring. A spaceship was sent to examine Saturn's ring and found it to be composed of many meteorites (smaller) and I can't remember if there were moons. But because the gravitational pull of Saturn is so strong, the moons or meteorites ard it get destroyed by the pull to form smaller matter which form the current ring that we see in pictures and photos.

So whats the impact?

Means, if any meteorite gets pulled by our Earth's gravity and or collides into us, we can be destroyed like the dinosaurs in the previous time. Nothing surprising right? but guess what? This is in tandem with the last book of the bible which is a book of prophesy of the end of time. Whereby it is said, a star of death will fall onto Earth's waters. 1/3 of living creatures will die due to the poisoned waters. So there. Hope I wun survive during the end of time.

Why? because there's more. Creatures with scorpion's tails and can't remember lion's head or roar will attack people of the earth. Doesn't that sound like a blockbuster movie? Yeah, except it will come true. To me they are equivalent to aliens.

And why we should not rule out the possibility of other living creatures in other planets. Because they found on a planet, can't remember if it were Neptune or wat. That there were rains made of methane. And prolly other compositions which indicate living conditions for organisms.

Hence to conclude. Moons have to be held in such a delicate situation as they can destroy and create living conditions on our planet and other planets.

Last but not least, I believe that Science is Man's limited way of explaining God's awesome and miraculous creation of our universe and I'm sure, many other universes

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