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Excited about tmr

Hmm...tmr is my 2nd fitting for my made-to-measure (MTM) evening gown...plus 1st fitting of my cheongsam made at an outside shop. Pretty excited...quite high expectations of how they'd turn out to be.

Had a big hand in the design of the dresses, altho the colours were mainly suggested by the seamstress/designers.

Feeling a bit stressed haha. Coz since i myself am very critical and have pretty high expectations, ironically, i fear criticisms on the dresses if i post the pictures online. After all, the dresses are more or less fixed, besides doing some alterations. Really hope it'd turn out fine tmr.

Anyway, the cheongsam is not those kind of old fashioned red ones u normally see (stereotypical ones), it's actually a full laced white cheongsam with white organza (according to the seamstress, altho i tot satin should suffice); averagely low back behind, halterneck, in front the curve is gradual.

K, looking fwd to how they turn out :p rattling non stop here.

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no, u know those lace sexy cheongsams? some are french laces, it's very in now. Would be wearing for 2nd evening gown change during banquet dinner. Church maybe can change during reception. See how.
about 17 years ago
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in fact, many non asians wear the cheongsam now...in the boutique, i saw a gorgeous red lace cheongsam which was being made for a spanish gal perhaps in some dance competition.
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