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EE camp

Okie since Peachey asked how was the camp, i'd try to recall watever i know.

EE (Engagement Encounter) camp is a compulsory programme for couples who wanna get married in a church. Couples can choose to go for either MPC (Marriage preparation course) or EE. I chose EE becoz it's just one shot from Fri-Sun 15th-17th June stayover rather than once a week for a few months for MPC.

About 28 couples signed up. There were 2 organizer couples who led the camp, and i think 4 couples who helped out with food and logistics. 2 priests helped to conduct mass on Sat morning and Sunday evening.

Beginning they touched on issues like accepting yourself, saying that if you can't love/accept yourself, you can't love someone else better. Mm..not in order: they talked about forgiveness, day to day things like how much time to spend with each other's parents, how many children u intend to have, when to have, priorities to rate in life and compare, things that you were upset about with your partner, each other's strengths and weaknesses, then later on they talked about natural family planning (NFP), abortions, contraceptions, that the Church only recognizes NFP and that they tried to educate those 3rd world country ppl including farmers saying that "When it's wet (there's discharge), it's fertile and trees can grow/ in this context (babies) can be conceived". They also teached us to be more life-giving meaning do things to help your partner which u know he/she needs your help-give and take; especially in quarrels.

The issues were talked about and the 2 in house couples will share their personal experiences, then they give out handouts/questionnaires and the guys and gals will take turns to go out and write the answers on the booklets they provided. After that, let's say gals, in the rm, will then go out to join their partners outside to discuss on the answers that we have written-Dialogue session.

If my memory have not failed me, when there's a problem/decision to make in life concerning the couple, they listed out the 5 steps to decision making: 1) Pray to God together 2) Discernment-find out about watever facts u know 3) Mutual Agreement 4) Mutual something :P i tot 3 and 4 was the same so i forgot the word, anyway it means both have agreed so cannot point fingers and blame the person "i told you so"...and 5) Evaluation-even after the decision is executed, we still have to evaluate and see if it still fits the current situation which may change again.

I shared room with a gal whois an SIA stewardess (red uniform-senior position) she's nice and pretty disciplined, unlike me haha. Like to sleep a few mins more, coz they made us wake up at 710am, 730am...usually sleep till 10 plus as i sleep at 1-2am at home often.

Not much couple activities as the purpose of the camp is not to socialize so much with the other couples, but more of exploration of your current relationship with your partner. But i made some acquaintances there :)

Here is the link to the group photo of the camp:


Click eenasant's all public albums and click EE camp again.

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okie, but a bit tiring after a while since it's never-ending dialogue sessions. It's good la.
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heh, we wun be getting married if we wun compatible...the camp didnt have compatibility tests...more of getting to know the similarities and differences that you and your partner would share.
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