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13th May 2007- Mother's Day

Just came back from Crystal Jade Kitchen Parkway....ordered the Mother's Day set dinner for my family except dad who's busy in a meeting. 46.80++, consist of roast pork and duck (like the crispy duck skin hee), sharkfin chicken boiled soup (felt nourished), fried cod fish dipped in the sauce (yum yum...), roast chicken, claypot tofu with pork something (likened to fish maw dunno wat u call that :P), stir fried succulent prawns with broccoli, ee fu noodles, red bean with gingko, and longetivity buns.

Full, so we all went for shopping (digest food and retail therapy), there was Sports Sale with Adidas, Nike and Surfer dunno wat brand....bought comfortable, flat shoes which can be used when i teach or drive. Mum also bought a pair of shoes more likened to sports shoes. Then while going to Isetan to shop, asked my brother to get a Mother's Day Card. Then we came across the bags section, a brand called Stella Stella i think. And guess what, i asked the salesgal and she said it's from Hong Kong. [HK does market pretty things including celebrities;) ]Many times pass by those velvety colourful bags, but didn't really take a very close look. And when i saw a very nice blue velvety bag, it was on discount!!!! So affordable...my mum bought a pink one, i bought the baby blue one....so happy hee :) So can use, when i need to wash my starting to collect dirt Coach bag....

So quite happy, both mum and i, bought new shoes and bags...later gonna eat one of my favourites: champagne Royce chocolate (also velvety in texture haha)....Yum Yum!!! Heavenly...think it falls in place after my Ruffles chips (cheese and sour cream flavour) orgasm inducing (mouth i mean haha). I luuurrvvve cheese...:P

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Yeps, Happy Mother's Day to all mums :) They're great~ Hi^5 jwan! Im crazy over cheese man....looking fwd to eating cheese fondue when i go Switzerland in Nov this year hehe :)
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