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man... honored by my fellow brothers at Rapzilla.com for writing this piece. some say i'm the first, but i know i'm certainly not the last. #legacy #hiphop #fearlesstour #goodfruitco #samock #jhan #gowe #nak #ampmovement #mickeycho #jasonchumusic #heesunlee #ingreatcompany

took Chance to his first nba experience. daddy didn't attend his first game until his late twenties. don't we all want better for our little ones? #mommycam courtesy of @iamcarolcay

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"come and leave your fears behind..." #collab with brother Tim Be Told #IntoTheStars listen to the entire song here: bit.ly/IntoTheStars

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oh what a tangle web we weave.

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always knew it would happen. this rappin' stuff. link for full clip in profile. ??

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sway in the morning. doomsday cypher.

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the big homey Sway was gracious enough to invite a hand picked collective of mcs for an end of the year cypher to close out 2014. truly humbled to be included.. bottom line is, you ain't gota know Jin.

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toronto, whats up.

Robart's Library 2nd Floor starbucks. 130 Saint George St. 5-6pm

just hanging out.

yo t.dot! definitely making the most of my 1 day trip in town tomorrow.

doing a full set in the early evening at Good Life (ALL AGES). then a couple songs at the Cass event.

MC JIN - Journey to 14:59 - Hallelujah

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