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finally hit 100 reviews on iTunes! encouraged and humbled to know the music speaks to listeners in such a way. go support #XIVLIX on iTunes if you haven't yet. link is in my profile. ✌️

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the hoodies are now available at iknowHIM.com! #doyou?

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easy to forget even the most important items when running out the house at 6 am to catch a flight. happened a few weeks ago. lesson learned! #hadtocallhomefromapayphone #wifewasnthappy #butshemailedmemyphone #blessed

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lots of love in the air last night celebrating the lunar new year. a moment captured by @djho3 much thanks to @sneakerstevenyc & @androidhomme for the footwear. so fitting. #everydayischinesenewyear

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ran into Jeremy Lin 林書豪 posted up on a lamp post while eating my don tot (egg tart). what happens when #everydayischinesenewyear. full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMGjt35TAgU #chinesenewyear #chinatown #sanfrancisco #jlin7 #redenvelope

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everyday is Chinese New Year. egg tarts and lucky $ w/ @jlin7. #newdaynewhope

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Everyday is Chinese New Year!

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and we're up on the Rapzilla.com soundcloud. Mogli the Iceburg's GAIN THE WORLD ft. Gemstones, D-Tropp, and yours truly #ingreatcompany

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4 years ago today we said "i do". looking forward to when we're old and wrinkly taking selfies at broadway plays, you being against me buying overpriced kit kat bars, but letting me do so anyways. ??❤️ @iamcarolcay

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