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It was one of the greatest afternoon

I can honestly say that we had one of the best times yesterday at the Tension Party. Singing for you guys again was really fun, I might not be the best performance we've had (actually it was far from it), but it was the most fun we've ever had. We've had really big shows, we've had really nice stages to sing on but yesterday was one of the best times I've had and I hope that you guys had a great time too.


我可以說昨天的見面會是我們Tension覺得是最開心的一個Tension活動。再唱歌給你們聽是真的讓我們非常開心,昨天的表演並不是我們的表演裡最棒的...Read more

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Merry Christmas!! 聖誕節快樂!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is a very very special day and I just want to take time out here and tell everyone "I love you all!!!".

聖誕節快樂! 今天是一個非常非常特別的日子。我想再這裡跟大家說“我愛您”。

Jimmy (More......)

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Bad News+Good News/懷消息+好消息

I have a Bad News and a Good News about the January 2nd tea Party.

Bad News: John had to cancel his trip to Taiwan therefor he will not be coming to the Tea Party anymore. (So if anyone wants to cancel because Johns is no longer coming, please call my office to cancel).

Good News: We will now be singing again, so for those of you that wanted to hear us sing, you will get a chance to hear us sing a few songs at the Tea Party.


懷消息: John突然有事不能回來台灣所以他不會來1月2號的下午茶了。(所以如果有人因為John不會出...Read more

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See you all on the 2nd! 二號見!

I would like to thank everyone that called and made reservations, and also everyone that can't make it but left a message, thank you for all your kind words. I'm sorry that we can't satisfy everyone's request (time, locations, dates, etc.), hopefully we can do more of these types of events in the future. This event was something that was done by us and it will be very different from all the other events that we've done before because we don't have a company telling us what to do, we can do whatever we want...Read more

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