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I'm a NINJA! 我是忍者!

Just finished film a Music Video a few days ago and it was a really long shoot. I guess I was ok with the long hours during the shoot but it took me a few days to recover, or maybe it's because I've still been busy with the video so I haven't really been sleeping much since the shoot. This video shoot was very different from things that I've done before, it was very very challenging and at the same time a great lesson. But like always I had lots of fun during the shoot, I think that's because I always work with fr...Read more

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6月27號的中文 R.I.P Michael Jackson

今天我們失去了一位非常有才華的音樂傢和一個非常有影響的人。 我很幸運在東京看到他的“History Tour"演唱會,直到現在那一場演唱會還是我過最佳的表現。

關於失去Michael Jackson最哀傷的部分是,雖然他今天死了,但是我覺的這世界很久以前已經吧他的心殺了有一陣子。 媒體為了錢用不同的方式傷害他,媒體就像癌癥一樣慢慢的吧他殺了。 我不想去判斷他做過的或是他的生活方式。 我唯一想談論是我覺得我們的世界病了,媒體只要報負面的新聞跟悲慘的故事。 如果某人做了好事,做了善事或做了有幫助別人的事。 媒體不會想報這重事,報紙不會提,電視不會麻煩報告,雜誌隻想要拍半裸或是走光的女孩。

是媒體的錯嗎? 是!因為媒體通常都會讓人悲傷和掉臉賺了才可以賺多一點錢(為什麼是攝影師在記者會總是在想辦法拍女生的內衣相?)。 我們是不是應該要有法律禁止這種類照片行為。

是民眾的錯嗎? 是!因為很多人的心裡也是有問題,不知道為什麼那麼多人都愛八卦,這些人就事愛管別人的事,愛看別人掉臉。 就像毒品一樣,如果沒人使用毒品,就沒人賣毒品。 我們現在的愛報的新聞就是毒品,為了很多人民不知道為設嘛已經迷上它了。

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R.I.P Michael Jackson..................

Today we lost a very talented musician and a very influential person. I was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson in Tokyo when he was there for the History tour, until now it's still one of the the best performance that I've seen.

The saddest part about losing Michael Jackson is even though he died today but the world we live in killed him inside a long time ago. The media has been making lots and lots of money killing him with the kinds of stories that are like cancer. I'm not going to judge Michae...Read more

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Van Ness the Wretch! 無名的吳健豪!

I have something special for you guys, just got Van Ness to make a Wretch account. The web address is below, go check it out when you have time! But it'll be hard to get him to write in chinese, it might take sometime but hopefully he will soon! In the meantime he'll have to practice his Japanese extra hard and practice his singing extra hard because he promised me!

I don't know if he'll read this but he better practice!

我有個好消息,吳健豪終於有無名了。 下面有他的網址,有空要去光光哦!希望他可以打中文的不過可能還要一下下。他最近要很努力的練他的日文跟練唱歌,因為他有答應我...Read more

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"The Hangover" was a great great movie! "醉後大丈夫"真的很好看!

I saw the movie "The Hangover" last night and I have to say that it's one of the best comedy that I've seen in a very long time. I was laughing from the beginning to the end and I was still laughing talking about it today at the office. I think this movie is a must see movie, I don't endorse the things that they do in the movie but it's really funny.

Actually after that movie there was a not so funny incident, I think I was laughing so hard that I dr...Read more

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Time for the outdoors! 要到外面玩!

The weather is getting better and better, hotter and hotter and that means it's time to hit the outdoors. Surfing, rock climbing, BBQ, BBQ at the beach, BBQ in the park, BBQ in the yard and did I mention BBQ? I can't get my mind off BBQ cuz I'm really hungry right now, alright gonna grab something to eat! BBQ anyone?


Jimmy (More......)

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Back to the gym! 回健身房!

It's time to start getting back in shape, I've been away from the gym for a while now. Actually I've lost a lot of weight too, I'm the type that will lose weight if I don't workout and I've lost 8kg......... So as I'm making my way back to the gym everyone at the gym is like "What happened to you? You're so skinny now!?" I used to be a gym rat, and I will feel really incomplete if I didn't go to the gym, and it's not only weight that I've lost, also a lot of strength. But my plan is...Read more

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To all the Moms around the world!! Happy Mothers day!! Mom's are the greatest! Mommy I love you!!!


Don't forget to tell your mom you love her today or the mother's day of your country! Don't forget!!


Jimmy that Loves Mommy! (More......)

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Sunglasses Model! 太陽眼鏡模特!

Handsome isn't he!


Dog Trainer Jimmy (More......)

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