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Patrick Swayze, you'll be missed!

This is another reminder to how delicate life is, because we're here one day and gone the next. 

Patrick Swayze is one of my favorite actor, I still remember watching the movie "The Outsiders" and I still remember thinking to myself how cool he was. The reason I saw that movie was because I had to read the book for a school and after reading it I really liked it so I rented the movie. I still remember going to a local video rental "Rogers Video" near my house in Vancouver, I was still in elementary school. 

I also remember seeing "Dirty Dancing", I was invited to this girls house to watch the movie and it was the very first time I've ever been invited to a girl's house, I wasn't the only one invited, there were other kids from class there but it was still the first time I've been invited to a girl's house and I think I was only 10 or so. I remembered thinking about how cool it was to be someone like Patrick Sawyze, it seemed like he could do it all, he could fight and dance, to me that was super cool. I don't think I started any dance lessons or anything after but those were great memories. Besides the dancing and fight, I think it was when he was on SNL that really made me a fan of his, and he always seem like such a new person. 

You don't miss good things until they're gone.

And it's a shame how we are...............

Patrick Swayze you're being missed now and forever you will be!



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已經去過無名了 小米~~~
over 11 years ago
"You don't miss good things until they're gone. And it's a shame how we are..............." Aye. Wise words.
over 11 years ago
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thanks for notice jimmy.i miss him too.
over 11 years ago
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Rest in peace!
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