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Cupid! 丘比特!

I can finally take a breath now, as I was really really REALLY busy the last few weeks and now I guess I can finally get some decent sleep.

But something very odd is going around this week within the last 5 days of so, a few of my friends are trying to play cupid and set me up with some girls. So within 5 days, 5 separate friends trying to set me up with 5 different girls............ That's three 5's, 5 is my favorite number but............. Something very odd is happening here, must be the solar eclipse! But at the end I think I'm not very good with setup and I think most people are that way, because if you know your friends are trying to introduce you to someone and you finally do meet that person, it gets a little awkward. So a little advise to all the cupids out there, if you are trying to set up your friends! Don't! I repeat DON'T tell them about it! Just introduce them, it's easier that way and it's a lot less uncomfortable.


但是這5天有一些奇怪的事情發生,我有好幾個朋友要檔丘比特說要介紹女生給我認識。所以天以內有5個不同的朋友說要介紹5個不同的女生給我認識。。。。。。 三個5,雖然5是我最喜歡的號碼但是。。。。。 有點怪,可能是日蝕的關係。。。。 我對朋友介紹女生還滿不習慣的,因為如果是介紹的話。 檔我看到對方的時候會很不自在。所以我給大家一個小忠告,如果真的想介紹的話最好不要說,直接介紹就好了。這樣雙方都比較不會覺得奇怪!

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I have a friend who LOVES playing cupid. I swear it's a hobby for him. His favorite tactic is to plan to meet someone A somewhere and not tell them he planned to meet their set-up B at the same place. Then he acts all surprised when the B arrives. He introduces A and B then announces he has to go somewhere. As he's leaving he mentions an event like, "There's a BBQ at my place on Saturday. A, why don't you bring B and come!" Leaving A and B wondering what just happened. Anyhoo, I guess the question here is, WHY would a handsome thing like you NEED to be set up? and FIVE TIMES? ;) :P
over 11 years ago
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Aww it is kinda sweet of your friends to try to set you up - looks like they want you to be happy. :) But yeah i think they do tend to forget the awkwardness of meeting the person you have been set up with. And the worst is when you start speaking to that person you find nothing in common with them and wish you were far far away.
over 11 years ago
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Getting set up is a bit awkward
over 11 years ago
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终于看见Jimmy更新了···认识女生也不错啊 让你的生活丰富起来呢 Jimmy加油哦~~累了就好好休息一下 只要每天都开心的度过就OK了 是吧···呀 Jimmy要随时说说和女生的进程啦 呵呵~~
over 11 years ago
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agree .. not good to get each other uncomfortable ~
over 11 years ago
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哈哈~~認同Jimmy的話如果被告知要朋友要介紹男/女性朋友認識見面的時候會超尴尬。 不過有空多認識幾個朋友還不錯啊。 要注意休息~特別是最近天氣超多變的。
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天翔 你好有福气哟.一天之内有五个人要给你介绍女朋友.如果你全都看的话,会像拍电影赶场一样忙. 知道你不会啦.哈哈哈 好人一生平安
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恩!好办法!你好聪明哦! 我也超怕那种相亲的场面,感觉好像是被推销的货物,等着被人验收!对方也会很不自在,笑也不是,不笑也不是,眼神一旦对上就会很尴尬,好可怕! 丘比特们,都很关心你嘛!你是会找你喜欢的那种女生,还是适合你的那种女生做女朋友呢??? 希望可以如丘比特们所愿,为你找到好女生喽! 还有,不好意思!楼下的朋友,是“天祥”不是“天翔”,呵呵!嗯,看起来怪怪的,拜托,改一下嘛!谢谢啦!
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Then,Did you find good relation ship with 5 girls ???
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我最想说的是: jimmy真的比sammy勤快多了啊~ 还有哦,不习惯是很正常啦,不过老大你竟然拿日食当理由。 好奇怪的理由哦~
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Cupid? I love to do that job! However it does not work on me. I'll feel kinda weird if someone purposely introduce a new friend to me. But when we start grow older, we'll find it become hard to get somebody who really suit us to become our soul mate.
over 11 years ago
Zuzu 49 nec 1543
5 different setup!! Oh~,you have so nice friends!! you must thank to God! haha
over 11 years ago
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WOW! 5 different setups! It was sweet of the...i understand their intentions..they want you to hook up with someone soon so they r doing this..but i agree with you they shouldn't tell you about it coz it can be very awkward. They should keep it a secret. I don't plan to play cupid but I'll keep your advice in mind! ^^ Anyway, hope you like those girls you will meet! :) All the best dude!
over 11 years ago
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Haha~~Jimmy, you are shy. I think the shy boy will be too cute. Good luck!
over 11 years ago
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haha...i left off...your friends..it's supposed to be "It was sweet of your friends"
over 11 years ago
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