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Caught the Flu bug..... 流行性感冒A!

Just came back from the doctors and the doctor said I have the Flu, type A! He said that I was going to go into a high fever tomorrow, and that I'll lose my voice. I'm suppose to go on a TV show to sing next Thursday and the songs that I'm suppose to sing are pretty hard songs.... I don't know if I can sing those songs if I'm not at a 100%. Actually I usually can't sing very well for about a month after I get sick, so lets hope the medicine that the doctor gave me will do wonders. But thats the first time I've been told that I was going to have a fever before I even got one...............

剛剛看完醫生回來,醫生說我的了流行性感冒A! 他還有說明天會發高燒,還有我會沒有聲音。我下個禮拜4要上節目唱歌,還有我挑的個都滿難唱的,不知道我不是100%的話有沒有辦法唱。。。因為我通常要感冒完過一個月才能唱歌,希望醫生給我的藥很有效!也有一點怪怪的,第一次還沒有發燒前被說會發燒。。。。

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