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Support HAHA DAY!! Let's break the Guinness World Records!!

Support HAHA DAY!! We care about friends who are suffering mental and emotional illness.is a celebration of happiness, is a day to display the most smiling faces of the Hong Kong community, through breaking the Guinness World Records of largest photo exhibition of smiling faces,we want to raise public awareness about depression that occurs in people of all ages and backgrounds. We want people to understandthe importance of positive attitude towards their lives.

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We aim to collect over 140,000 smiling faces. Everyone can join this special event. For each qualified photo collected, our sponsor will donate HK$1 to the Joyful Foundation.Simply upload a photo of your smiling faces to facebook "HAHA DAY!!" group. (Click on Photos and then on the add to group photos button)We will print it out on a 4'' x 6'' photo paper and exhibit them on 25 July, 2010, or you can send your high quality photo to (and your friend's photo)email:"hahaday25072010@yahoo.com.hk" For hard copy, please mail to

"Room 24, 14/F, Sing Win Factory, 15-17 Shing YIP Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong".HAHA DAY!!Location:  Nina Tower, Tsuen WanDate: 25 July, 2010Time: 09:00 - 18:00

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